Changing Your Password & Claiming Prizes

Changing Your Password & Claiming Prizes


If you participated in our Password Change Campaign, you're eligible to collect prizes from Code the Redeemer! Haven't changed yours yet? Here's how to do that step by step and collect your prizes in game when it's done.

Head over to and log into your WarpPortal account.

Click on the Account Information button to access your game accounts.

Click the Edit button next to the game account that you wish to change the password for.

On the next page, click *Forgot Your Game Password?

Fill out the form on the next page and click Submit.

Check the email associated with your WarpPortal and game account and find an email from WarpPortal with the subject title WarpPortal - Game Password Reset. If it's not there, please check your Spam folder. Follow the link within or copy and past the link into your browser to reset your password.

On the following page, fill in the forms with your new password.

Once you get this notice, your password has changed successfully!

Log into the game client and head to Code the Redeemer located by Prontera Fountain. There you can collect the following prizes for changing your password:
- 2 Day VIP Item
- 2 Battle Manuals (character bound, not for sale)
- 2 Bubblegums (not for sale)

If you run into any issues resetting your password or receiving your prizes, please contact the WarpPortal Support Team.