Patch Notes - 1/28/2021

RT Maintenance Jan

January 28th, 12:00PM - 6:00PM PST




• Reduced God Item Seals to 50 quest completions
• Added God Item Seal Quest Reset
--Visit the 'Greedy Poring' immediately outside the South Prontera Gate to access. Characters may choose to pay any of the following costs:
----3 OCA (Old Card Albums)
-- OR --
----8 OBB (Old Blue Boxes)
-- OR --
----8 OPB (Old Purple Boxes)
• Reset Alchemist Rankings
• Reduced Blacksmith Rankings by 75%
Anniversary Event continues! (Ends February 18th)
--Champion Monsters will spawn twice as often
--Random Crystals will spawn all over the world with a rare chance of gaining a few costumes when defeated
--All refine rates are increased by 5% (This is directly affecting the refine chance table so this will work with all ores)
• The weather pattern changes as snow leaves Rune Midgard
• Removed Christmas Themed BGM from towns



Wandering Merchants
Wandering Merchants Event continues!
Towns: Izlude, Hugel, Alberta, Payon, Comodo, Geffen
Stock (Limited Quantities): Strawberries, Witch Starsands, Blue Herbs, Stems • Restock Periods: NPCs restock daily at a different offset hour for each NPC. This is to ensure that players from all time zones have a chance to purchase these items.

Journey Together
Our Novice Quest "A Journey Together" now available!
• To get started, head on over to Archer Village (pay_arche 49 138)

Skill Balance Update
Experience a new adventure with the Skill Balance Update!
• You can get a partial stat reset from Sam Status in Payon (186, 109)

Homeward Bound
Our Homeward Bound Event has been extended (Ending date is to be determined)!
• Enjoy a bonus +50% EXP and +25% Drops as you stay indoors and keep safe!

Frenzy Fields
The first set of Frenzy Fields are now open!
• Eliminate monsters on certain maps to unlock stronger monsters with rare and unique loot!

Guild vs Guild wars will begin in the War of Emperium!
• Think your guild has what it takes to be the best in PvP? Prepare yourself as you fight with your guild for ownership of guild castles and daily treasures!



• Our Crazy Uproar!! livestream is on hiatus! Please read here for more information.
Did you know?
-- The use of grf edits such as "grayworld" is prohibited
-- We do not recruit players to be GMs