Patch Notes - 2/25/2021

RT Maintenance Feb

February 25th, 2:00PM - 6:00PM PST


• New Scrambled Anniversary Costume Box becomes available!


Malangdo Octopus Event
Malangdo Octopus Festival Event continues! (Ends March 11th!)
• We will be celebrating the year of the Ox with the yearly Malangdo Octopus Festival. Speak to the Cat by the Prontera Fountain to travel to Malangdo Island. There, Mimyo (Malangdo 206 145) will be guiding adventurers on how to celebrate and providing cooking classes. In addition, a new fried chicken restaurant has opened in the Payon Inn and is now serving all customers who come by.

Sweets Festival Event
Sweets Festival Event continues! (Ends March 11th!)
• Charles the Chocolate factory owner in Prontera (163, 98) is looking for adventurers to locate his lost Cacao Beans.

Wandering Merchants
Wandering Merchants Event continues!
Towns: Izlude, Hugel, Alberta, Payon, Comodo, Geffen
Stock (Limited Quantities): Strawberries, Witch Starsands, Blue Herbs, Stems • Restock Periods: NPCs restock daily at a different offset hour for each NPC. This is to ensure that players from all time zones have a chance to purchase these items.

Journey Together
Our Novice Quest "A Journey Together" now available!
• To get started, head on over to Archer Village (pay_arche 49 138)

Skill Balance Update
Experience a new adventure with the Skill Balance Update!
• You can get a partial stat reset from Sam Status in Payon (186, 109)

Homeward Bound
Our Homeward Bound Event has been extended (Ending date is to be determined)!
• Enjoy a bonus +50% EXP and +25% Drops as you stay indoors and keep safe!

Frenzy Fields
The first set of Frenzy Fields are now open!
• Eliminate monsters on certain maps to unlock stronger monsters with rare and unique loot!

Guild vs Guild wars will begin in the War of Emperium!
• Think your guild has what it takes to be the best in PvP? Prepare yourself as you fight with your guild for ownership of guild castles and daily treasures!


• Join our Lunar Valentine's Greeting Card Contest to show off your creativity and win prizes!
• Our Crazy Uproar!! livestream is on hiatus! Please read here for more information.
Did you know?
-- The use of grf edits such as "grayworld" is prohibited
-- We do not recruit players to be GMs