Episode 13.1: Ash Vacuum

Episode 13.1 Ash Vacuum

Episode 13.1: Ash Vacuum


In Rune Midgard's recent history, catastrophe and destruction came to pass. Satan Morocc was freed and annihilated Morroc, altering the world forever. But even during this darkest moment, the light of Heroism shone through and hope still remains.

The invincible Morocc fled before his life was snuffed out by the Heroes of the world. The inter-dimensional Rift that his passage created is a landmark to heroism's resolve in those legendary days. But even disaster brings opportunity. It seems only fitting that if Morocc invades our land, it is only fair that we invade his! So now eager adventurers are planning extended campaigns into what is being called the "Ash Vacuum". This strange land that is so different from Rune Midgard still can be won by the spirit of Adventure and Bravery!

Journeying to the New World

Recruiter for the Brave

The Dimensional Rift was an unintended gift from Morocc to humans, and brought great change to the entire Midgard Continent. Greedy humans now want to expand their territory into the world beyond the space gap. Sharing this same goal, the three countries of the Midgard Continent have united: to conquer the Otherworld.

The Recruiter for the Brave in Prontera Castle (83, 67) is looking for brave adventurers to explore the new world, code named Ash Vacuum. Speak to him in order to prove that you are worthy to explore this brave new world.


New Maps

Mid Camp
Rune Midgard Allied Forces Post

Five new maps are awaiting exploration in the new world. Your journey through the Dimensional Rift will bring you to the Rune Midgard Allied Forces Post. Here, you can discuss your exploration into Ash Vacuum with other people from the Rune Midgard continent. To the east are the Manuk Mountains, and to the west are the Splendide Fields.


Splendide Field 1
Splendide Field 2
Splendide Field 3
Manuk Mountains
Manuk Field 1
Manuk Field 2
Manuk Field 3


New Quests


Orc Dungeon

Orc Dungeon
A Mad Scientist has created a dimensional portal to a new Orc Memorial Dungeon. Brave parties of adventures can venture here and assist the Orc Leader Kruger, fight off Shaman Cargalche who has turned his own orcs against him. But be careful who you attack, a few wrongful kills and you will have more then just a few orcs to worry about...

Orc Dungeon 2


New Monsters

The New World contains new monsters the likes of which you've never seen!



The Nepenthes is a plant monster that makes its home in the fields of Manuk in the new world. Although it greatly resembles the Mandragora, it is much more deadly than its Rune Midgard counterpart and should be approached with caution.

Skills: Ground Attack, Energy Drain, Stop, Poison

Centipede Larva

The Centipede Larva is an infant centipede, barely a few days old. If left to grow, this monster can turn into a true threat.

Skills: Venomdust, Poison


These giant arthropods not only have numerous legs, but also poisonous fangs that they use to hunt their prey.

Skills: Teleport, Venomdust, Poison, Quagmire, Ganbantein


This green lion monster may look cute, but they are far more dangerous than they appear. The frozen fields of Manuk are home to these ferocious creatures.

Skills: Teleport, Provoke, Critical Wound, Critical Slash


The hairy Tatachos have a reputation for spending most of their time asleep. However, they are a threat if provoked.

Skills: Teleport, Hammer Fall, Stun Attack, Ganbantein


A winged horse, with qualities of both a Pegasus and a Unicorn, the Cornus makes its home in the Splendide fields of the new world. Although beautiful, they are skittish creatures and will defend themselves if necessary.

Skills: Teleport, Shield Reflect, Provoke, Critical Wound, Critical Slash, Pulse Strike, Full Heal

Luciola Vespa

These giant wasps have a sting that rivals some of the worst monsters seen in Rune Midgard.

Skills: Teleport, Poison, Pulse Strike, Piercing Attack, Combo Attack


Although the Pinguiculas look like children, they can be rather dangerous. Their control over plants gives them many advantages in combat.

Skills: Splash Attack, Stun Attack, Sleep Attack, Heal


Giant snake like humanoids, Nagas wield both fierce tridents and water magic to defend their territory in the Splendide fields.

Skills: Teleport, Spear Boomerang, Pierce, Brandish Spear, Provoke, Waterball

Hardrock Mammoth

These mammoths have no love for humans, but they are quite friendly to small birds and other creatures.

Skills: Teleport, Stoneskin, Waterball, Spiral Pierce, Two Hand Quicken, Stun, Provoke, Critical Wound, Earth Spike, Dragon Fear, Earthquake, Ganbantein, Full Heal


This ferocious lion has a great affinity for the earth and powerful fangs to match their ferocity.

Skills: Teleport, Provoke, Critical Wound, Snap, Sleep, Bleeding, Magnum Break, Earth Spike, Critical Slash, Ganbantein, Sonic Blow, Dragon Fear, Ground Attack, Fiber Lock, Full Heal

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