Redeeming ExtraLife 2019 Prizes on Ragnarok Transcendence

RT Extra Life Prize Redemption
Redeeming Extra Life 2019 Prizes

If you donated to ExtraLife for Ragnarok Online hats in 2019, you are eligible to receive the same costume prizes on your character in Ragnarok Transcendence! All you need to do is follow the steps below to claim your prizes:

1. Write a ticket to our Support Team over on our Support Page

2. In your ticket, give the name of your Ragnarok Online character that received costume prizes for ExtraLife 2019 donations

3. Then give the name of the Ragnarok Transcendence character that you would like to receive the costume prizes

***IMPORTANT NOTICE: Both characters MUST belong to accounts under the same WarpPortal email account to qualify!


Please remember the following details when claiming your prizes:

• Only costume hat prizes will be awarded on Ragnarok Transcendence. You will only receive the prizes on your Transcendence account if you received costume prizes on your Ragnarok Online account. For a refresher on the costume prizes for each tier, visit our WarpPortal ExtraLife 2019 Blog Post!

• You must have registered for Ragnarok Transcendence using the same email you used to receive your Ragnarok Online Renewal prizes

• Prizes will be distributed weekly during Wednesday maintenance periods

• Cutoff for receiving your prizes on any given Wednseday will be on the Tuesday before at 2PM PST. If you submit your ticket after that, your prize will be distributed the following week.

• Prizes can be redeemed after Wednesday maintenance from the Code the Redeemer NPC, which will be located in Prontera at (124, 63).


Thank you all for showing up to help us donate toward a great cause!