Frenzy Fields: Scaraba Dungeon

Frenzy Fields Scaraba Dungeon

Frenzy Fields: Scaraba Dungeon


Scaraba Dungeon Frenzy Fields is now open to any adventurer brave enough to take on the challenge! Enter the dungeon and encounter Champion monsters unique to the Scaraba Dungeon in El Dicastes! Since it's located in the New World, you'll need to be at least Base Level 70 and have completed the Episode 13 main quests, specifically those related to the Sapha in Episode 13.3: El Dicastes.


Scaraba Entrance


To enter the dungeon, speak to Vigilante at the entrance of Scaraba Hole Level 2. Within, you have the chance to encounter 2 Champion monsters that can drop any of the following valuable loot.


Champion Monsters Drop Table


Champion MonsterCard RateSpecial
Furious Rake Scaraba

Furious Rake Scaraba

Parade Hat [1]
Evil Marching Hat [1]

Grim Reaper [1]
Blue Tiger Mask
Sleeper Hat
Sailor Hat [1]
Naval Officer Hat
Anubis Helm

Furious Antler Scaraba

Antler Scaraba

Holy Marching Hat [1]
Garuda Hat [1]

Autumn Leaves [1]
Ribbon Magic Hat
Gryphon Hat
Imp Hat
Fish Head Hat
Rune Hairband [1]