Pre-Registration Prizes!

RT Pre-Reg Prizes
Pre-Registration Prizes
Deadline to pre-register for Ragnarok Transcendence is Wednesday, January 15, 2020 at 2PM PST!


Our GRAND LAUNCH of Ragnarok Transcendence is Wednesday, January 15, 2020! If you pre-registered for Ragnarok Transcendence, you get one FREE Transcendence Adventure Pack!

Transcendence Adventure Pack

If you haven't pre-registered yet, do so by the deadline listed above in order to be eligible for this prize! If you have, you can redeem your Adventure Pack from Code the Redeemer NPC after the Grand Launch on January 15, 2020! He will be standing in Prontera at (124, 63) ready to give you your goods!

In addition to the Transcendence Adventure Pack, when you pre-register you are automatically entered in our Ramp-Up Raffle! The more pre-registrations we get, the more prizes you unlock!

Ramp-Up Raffle

Stage 1 Goal: 30K- 8 Lucky winners will get a Logitech Gamer Mouse!

Stage 2 Goal: 50K – 5 Winners will receive a Steel Series Arctus Headset!

Stage 3 Goal: 75K – 4 Winners will receive a Corsair K95 Keyboard!

Stage 4 Goal: ?????

Stage 5 Goal: ?????

Stage 6 Goal: ?????


Thanks for pre-registering, see you all in game!