Restart Patch Notes - 1/16/2020

iRO Transcendence Server Restart

January 16th, 5:00PM PDT




• Added Code the Redeemer NPC clone at the Prontera Fountain (prontera 156 195)

• Added Costume Box VII: Fairy Dreams to the Kafra Shop

• Adjusted the following maps to receive cloned versions to ease over crowding issues: (Please note that MVPs will only spawn on the Prime Map)

- Orc Village (gef_fild14)

Glast Heim Underprison (gl_prison)

Toy Factory Warehouse (xmas_dun01)

Toy Monitoring Room (xmas_dun02)

Payon Forest (pay_fild08)

Payon Forest (pay_fild07)

Sograt Desert (moc_fild02)

Prontera Field (prt_fild10)

Payon Cave (pay_dun00)

Removed Crimson Weapons from the drop table and disabled the ability to equip them

  -- Users who have these weapons can submit a ticket to trade the weapon in to receive a card from the monster that dropped the weapon instead. The odds of a Crimson Weapon dropping were lower than that of a card.

  -- Crimson Weapons will be blocked on all maps and have no special effects.




• World's First Event continues!


Prizes will be given to the first players that reach certain achievements!