Patch Notes - 2/5/2020

RT maint feb


iRO Transcendence Weekly Maintenance


February 5th, 2:00PM - 6:00PM PST





• Added Wild Rose mob to certain world fields

• Added Hat Girl NPC (comodo 236 164), who is used to create the Hair Brush Headgear

• Added Myu NPC (gef_fild05 79 149), who is used to create Catfoot Hairpin Headgear

• Fixed Wedding Merchant NPC (inside prontera 75 102) to properly sell the correct items (including Diamond Rings)

• Fixed Wedding NPCs to accept marriage covenants properly

• Fixed Neuralizer to work in Prontera

• Fixed cells on map gef_fild06 so monsters do not spawn in unreachable areas

• Fixed Bathory to drop Arc Wand[2] instead of Staff [3]

• Fixed Evil Nymph to drop Mandolin[3] and Lute[3] instead of Violin[4] and Rope[4]

• Fixed Miyabi Doll to drop Mandolin[3] instead of Violin[4]

• Fixed Dark Illusion to drop Broadsword[2] instead of Apple

• Fixed Tamruan to drop Katana[2] instead of the Apple

• Fixed Abysmal Knight to drop Broadsword[2] instead of the Apple

• Fixed Mysteltainn to drop Slayer[3], Bastard Sword[3], and Claymore instead of Main Gauche[4], Saber[3], and Apple

• Fixed Kobold to drop Hammer[3] instead of Apple

• Fixed Majoruros to drop Two-handed Axe[2] instead of Beef Head

• Fixed Owl Duke to drop Guisarme[2] and Morning Star[1] instead of Apple

• Fixed Giant Hornet to drop Staff[3] instead of Apple

• Fixed Stem Worm to drop Glaive[2] instead of Pike

• Fixed Executioner to drop Ring Pommel Saber[3] instead of Saber[3]

• Fixed Ogretooth to drop Dagger[3] and Stiletto[3] instead of Main Gauche[4] and Saber[3]

• Fixed Am Mut to drop Sword Mace[1] instead of Flail[2]

• Fixed Kobold Leader to drop Flail[3] instead of Flail[2]

• Fixed Solider to drop Chain[2] instead of Flail[2]

• Fixed Anacondaq to drop Glaive[3] instead of Apple

• Fixed Gryphon to drop Guisarme[3] instead of Apple

• Fixed Green Maiden to drop Studded Knuckles[3] instead of Claw[2]

• Fixed Bloody Butterfly to drop Waghnak[4] instead of Claw[2]

• Fixed Skeleton General to drop Gladius[2] instead of Main Gauche[4]

• Fixed Desert Wolf to drop Stiletto[3] instead of Main Gauche[4]

• Fixed Owl Baron to drop Gakkung Bow[2] instead of Bow[3]

• Adjusted certain pet foods to be unvendable

Flame Gemstone
Blue Vital Flower
Yellow Vital Flower
Damp Darkness
Small Snow Flower
Fresh Salad
Big Scell
Apple Pudding
Mystic Stone
Flavored Alcohol
Grilled Rice Cake
Fish With Blue Back
Pumpkin Pie
Green Apple
Traditional Cookie
Plant Nutrient
Morning Dew
Spirit Liquor
Sunset on the Rock
Bok Choy
Meat Veggie Skewer
Well-Ripened Berry
Whole Barbecue
Cotton Tufts
Yummy Meat


World's First Event continues!


• Prizes will be given to the first players that reach certain achievements!



• Pre-Registration Prizes: If you pre-registered for the game, you can still claim your prizes at Code the Redeemer by Prontera Fountain! 

• Extra Life 2019 Donation Prizes: If you donated to Extra Life in 2019 to receive costume prizes on Ragnarok Online, you are eligible to receive them on Transcendence as well!

• Tune into our livestream of Crazy Uproar!! over at!

• Did you know? 

-- ?The use of grf edits such as "grayworld" is prohibited

-- ?We do not recruit players to be GMs

-- ?Xealot enjoys stream sniping