Production Notes 2/14/2020

Happy Valentine's Day, adventurers!
Here is a message from our Producer, Campitor:
I want to say thank you for your patience over this last week. We want to announce the compensation for Chaos/Thor/Poring users and discuss some topics that we know have been of great importance to the users.
1. Compensation - During the next maintenance every account that has logged in from 2/7-2/16 11:59pm PST will have a 2 day VIP scroll inserted into Code The Redeemer. Players will have two weeks in order to claim this scroll and it can be used at any time. If it is not claimed from code the redeemer by 3/4 (RT) or 3/5 (RO1) it will be removed during that week's maintenance. In addition to the above a 25% exp event will be started for all servers as of now and last until maintenance next week.
2. Item Based VIP: What does it do? - The item based VIP scroll gives a 50% EXP and 50% Drops bonus for the entire account on the server. In addition with the scroll we give offline vending and buyshop scrolls. This item cannot reduce the death penalty or open up new character slots. For character slots the decision was to copy kRO and just make them free. We are exploring our options regarding the death penalty and seeing what can be done.
3. Why doesn't X NPC see the new VIP? Over the last decade of service, Renewal has had at least 100 NPCs added that react to VIP status. Unfortunately the new VIP does not use the same check call. We are currently taking all reports that come in of NPCs not seeing it and doing fix passes. We will be restarting Gramps this morning to fix his VIP check again. If you find an NPC is not behaving right report it, we will make good any losses (within reason) due to this and get them in the fix queue for the next maintenance.
4. Panic! Error, what is this? - EAC from time to time will update itself. EAC doing this is attempting to disable new cheats, botting programs, crash issues and other bad activity. Sometimes this doesn't work as planned. The good news is we are now trained on fixing this error so if there is a new issue that pops up resolution will be measured in minutes after I am called.
Whats in the future? Please see this thread for our plans over the next few months.