Patch Notes - 3/11/2020

rt march


iRO Transcendence Weekly Maintenance

March 11th, 12:00PM - 6:00PM PST


Note: There will be an IT server rebuild planned during today's maintenance



• Updated launcher, loading screens, and login screen with new splash art

• "Let's celebrate Transcendence with wonderful artwork by people who also love Ragnarok! Featuring long-time players BarachanShilinAzu-chanKUNNY, and Belindraw!"

• Announce World First winners

• Reset Daily Login rewards

• Fixed Dancer Job Quest, Bijou Quiz, to no longer cause a crash

• Enabled Heirozoist Card (Polymorph effect is still disabled)[/size]

• Increased Strouf spawn rate in iz_dun04

• Opening Transcendence Sakray character creation at 4:00PM and public testing will begin after maintenance.


New Cash Shop Items

• Costume Big Ribbon Manteau 700pts

• Costume Bow Tie 300pts

• Costume Valentines Chocolate Backpack 700pts

• Costume Sweet Coronet 500pts

• Costume Lady Tanee 700pts

• Costume Mini Beret Hairband 500pts

• Costume Little Garden 300pts

• Costume Black Veil 300pts

• Costume Feathered Black Cap 500pts

• Costume Drooping Roxie 300pts

• 30 Day Mistress Wing Rental Box 500pts




Our St. Patrick's Day Event, O'Riley's Missed Fortune, begins and lasts until April 1st!

• O'Riley the Leprechaun has lost his treasure and will reward adventurers who help find it and bring it back to him outside Payon

• Turn in Gold (=25 Bronze Coins), Silver (=5 Bronze Coins), and Bronze coins

-- Rental Transcendence Green Ale x 10: 50 Bronze Coins

-- Battle Manual Buff: 50 Bronze Coins

-- Bubble Gum Buff: 50 Bronze Coins

-- +10 Luk Buff: 10 Bronze Coins

-- Costume St. Patrick's Day Hat: 500 Bronze Coins

-- Furthermore, O'Riley hates snakes! He will trade you 1 Bronze Coin for every 10 Snake Skins you give him.



• Tune into our livestream of Crazy Uproar!! over at!

• Did you know? 

-- ?The use of grf edits such as "grayworld" is prohibited

-- We do not recruit players to be GMs