Closed Beta Starts Today!

Ragnarok Transcendence Closed Beta Starts TODAY!
December 16-27, 2019

Today's the day! If you pre-registered for Ragnarok Transcendence, you get to start playing it during our closed beta TODAY! The closed beta period starts at 5PM today and ends on December 27, 2019. A few key details during our closed beta test:

• All characters will be wiped upon conclusion of beta test period

• Cash Shop will be disabled

• To participate in the closed beta, you MUST pre-register ahead of time!

• Beta keys will be given in waves, so if you do not receive yours right away, please continue to be patient!

• To redeem beta keys, pre-registered users please go here:

During the closed beta period, our development team will be running the following test activities:

• Monday 12/16 Logins and general game system

• Tuesday 12/17 - Thursday 12/19 Pet system testing. Every morning we will set all pets to loyal so that users can test the evolution system. Eggs, food, and taming items will be provided.

• Friday 12/20 - Monday 12/23 Homunclous testing. Friday and Monday morning we will set all homunculi to loyal so that users can test system. Embyros and food will be provided.

• Tuesday 12/24 - Thursday 12/26 In Game VIP and Vend Testing (Currently not in a 100% state so we're letting the studio work on a fixed). Ideally by the end of the closed beta test period we will have received our first dangerous dungeon game data and can open that to testing as well.

Thank you all for your participation, can't wait to see you online!