War of Emperium

War of Emperium

War of Emperium Has Arrived!


Saturdays at 4PM PDT!


After enduring a tenuous relationship for a thousand years, the Kingdom of Rune-Midgarts and the Republic of Schwartzvald signed a treaty of friendship.
Unfortunately, the peace that followed left major castles without fortification and protection. Monster armies marched down to assume control of the castles, casting a shadow over the peace the two kingdoms had formed.
King Tristan III issued a free-for-all challenge to any Guild who might retake the castles in the name of the two kingdoms:
"The castles and the treasures on them are properties for those who deserve them. And whoever control the castles with the legendary Emperium stone, will be considered the kingdom Knights of honor."
And thus the world entered a new era of war: The War of Emperium.


War of Emperium is a contest of guilds to take over castles in various realms. Band together with a strong guild and battle against others to claim the castle as your guild's headquarters! By conquering a castle, you and your guild can reap several benefits and advantages, including castle-exclusive monster spawns, daily treasure boxes with useful items, and more.


Playing War of Emperium


To participate in War of Emperium (WoE), you must be part of a Guild. WoE only occurs once per week on Saturdays at 4PM PDT, so be sure to hop online with the rest of your guild at the right time for your best chance to conquer a castle!
The Castles exist within 4 Realms in WoE:

Valkyrie to the North of Prontera
Balder to the West of Payon
Britoniah Southwest of Geffen
Luina to the West of Al De Baran

Valkyrie Realm

Each realm has 5 Castles. Within each castle sits a large yellow crystal - an Emperium. Guilds must breach the castle and lay siege to the Emperium, and whoever delivers the hit that breaks the Emperium claims the castle for their guild. As soon as the Emperium is broken, every player save for the guildmembers that won the castle are warped out. Guilds can continue invading the Castle and breaking the Emperium, but the last guild to break it before time runs out will own the Castle until the next WoE period. Between WoE periods, adventurers who aren't part of the guild that owns the Castle can still explore the Castle, but only the winning Guild gets access to its daily treasures and exclusive spawns.

Luina Realm

Guild Alliances

Guilds can ally with up to 3 other guilds to help each other break into Castles. When you ally with a guild, there is no friendly fire, meaning your guildmembers can't hurt each other when attacking in large groups. However, if one of the allied guilds claims a Castle by breaking its Emperium, members of its allied guild will still be warped out along with the rest of the opposing guilds, and they don't gain access to the benefits of the Castle if their allies win.

Although guilds can ally with up to 3 others, those other guilds are not allied with each other unless they choose to do so. To ally with another guild, the guild leader must right-click a member of the intended guild and select the option to ally with them. Once you ally with another guild, they remain your ally until your guild leader breaks allyship with another right-click command.

Balder Realm

Castle Benefits

Congratulations - your guild was the last to break the Emperium on a Castle before it disappeared, and now the Castle is yours until the next WoE period! You and your guildmates get to enjoy the following benefits:

• Your guild leader can summon a Guardian to stand guard at your Castle and automatically attack any non-allied guildmember that tries to enter
• You can upload your guild emblem to be displayed on the Flags around the Castle
• You and your Guild can access the Guild Dungeon for the opportunity to battle rare monsters. All Castles in a single Realm share the same dungeon, so you may run into guilds who own the other Castles. They are PVP areas as well, so be on your guard!
• Every day at 12AM server time (Pacific Time), Treasure Boxes spawn in a room only the guild leader can access. The Treasure Boxes containt several useful consummable items as well as equipment.

Britoniah Realm