Patch Notes - 4/17/2020

RT amint april


iRO Transcendence Weekly Maintenance

April 17th, 2:00PM - 6:00PM PDT






• Added Inn Keeper NPCs to Morroc (morocc_in 147 139, morocc_in 80 99)

• Added Repair Man NPCs to inns at all major cities

--Prontera (prt_in 72 133)

--Prontera (prt_in 247 133)

--Alberta (alberta_in 31 146)

--Morroc (morocc_in 147 142)

--Morroc (morocc_in 77 99)

--Payon (payon_in01 140 53)

--Geffen (geffen_in 78 62)

• Adjusted Personal Shopper Envelope and Consignment Merchant Envelope to be character bound

• Refreshed Daily Login Rewards and Added a new costume.

•Adjusted some Castle Treasures armors to drop with item options:

--Tights[1] from Luina 5

--Formal Suit[1] from Luina 3

--Thief Clothes[1] from Balder 1

--Ninja Suit[1] from Balder 3

--Robe of Cast[1] from Brit 3

--Legion Plate[1] from Valk 1




Our Homeward Bound Event has been extended (Ending date is to be determined)!

• Enjoy a bonus +50% EXP and +25% Drops as you stay indoors and keep safe!


The first set of Frenzy Fields are now open!

• Eliminate monsters on certain maps to unlock stronger monsters with rare and unique loot!




Guild vs Guild wars will begin in the War of Emperium!

• Think your guild has what it takes to be the best in PvP? Prepare yourself as you fight with your guild for ownership of guild castles and daily treasures!





• Our Crazy Uproar!! livestream will be postponed! Please read here for more info: https://forums.warpp...-ragnarok-team/

• Did you know? 

--The use of grf edits such as "grayworld" is prohibited

--We do not recruit players to be GMs