Beta Patch Notes - 12/19


Please note that these notes will evolve throughout the day as we review bug reports!

• Added Skill/Stat Reset NPC (near the Prontera Fountain in the center)

• Added EmbyrosStone of Sages, and Homunculus food to Testing Area (near the Prontera Fountain in the center)

• Added Emperium to the list of items sold by the Tester Vendor for Guild Testing

• Bioethics Quest NPCs are moved to Aldebaran Alchemist Guild

• Blacksmith NPC for job change is moved from Einbroch to Morroc

• Spawning of Anubis mobs are disabled

• Spawn count for mobs in Toy Factory increased

• Falcon Pipe Trader NPC fixed and placed in Archer Village (pay_arche 91 134)

• Character-delete Function is now working properly


Bug Report Station
Find a bug in the system? Please post it on the forums here!

Any monsters reported as having bugged EXP values will be reviewed!

• Thief Bug is being reviewed