Unity Project: Anniversary 2020

Unity Project

Unity Project

This summer, we're spreading goodwill and compassion by helping our neighbors with good deeds! And no good deed goes unrewarded, so expect some prizes in exchange for your help!

Quest Start

Talk to Gramps in Izlude (126 112) to get the lowdown on the Unity Project. Piles Moreboxes beside him will be there to exchange your Volunteer Points for Prizes! You can earn Volunteer Points by completing tasks set forth by Unity Project runners in different cities:

Prontera (119 81)

Morroc (164 97)

Geffen (136 61)

Poring Man
Al De Baran (146 113)

Alberta (124 59)

Payon (192 103)

Quest NPC

In exchange for your help, you can get the following Prizes from Piles Moreboxes:

Volunteer Points (VP)Prize
2 VP
STR Buff (30 min)
2 VP
AGI Buff (30 min)
2 VP
VIT Buff (30 min)
2 VP
INT Buff (30 min)
2 VP
DEX Buff (30 min)
2 VP
LUK Buff (30 min)
6 VP
+EXP Buff (30 min)
6 VP
+JEXP Buff (30 min)
50 VP
Costume Flu Mask