Patch Notes - 6/25/2020

RT Maintenance June

June 25th, 12:00PM - 6:00PM PDT



• Added Repair NPC to Lighthalzen Inn
• Added NPC that allows players to travel to Kiel Hyre
• Added bonus rates from share event (+125% EXP, +60% Drops)
• Fixed drops in Einbech Dungeon Fever Field
• Fixed an issue with Biolabs Drops where weapons were not dropping within their correct tier group
• Fixed a bug with (?19838) Costume Fox Hat to only cover Mid, Lower instead of Top, Mid, Lower slots
• Limited the amount of VP (volunteer points) a character can accumulate from the "Unity Project" Anniversary Event to 100. Characters with more than 120 will have their points wiped when interacting with the NPCs. No new points can be earned until points are reduced below the limit. Flu Mask Costumes are becoming account bound.


Unity Project
Our Anniversary Event "Unity Project" begins!
• Speak with Gramps and Piles in Izlude for more information!

Journey Together
Our Novice Quest "A Journey Together" begins!
• To get started, head on over to Archer Village (pay_arche 49 138)

Skill Balance Update
Experience a new adventure with the Skill Balance Update!
• You can get a partial stat reset from Sam Status in Payon (186, 109)

Homeward Bound
Our Homeward Bound Event has been extended (Ending date is to be determined)!
• Enjoy a bonus +50% EXP and +25% Drops as you stay indoors and keep safe!

Frenzy Fields
The first set of Frenzy Fields are now open!
• Eliminate monsters on certain maps to unlock stronger monsters with rare and unique loot!

Guild vs Guild wars will begin in the War of Emperium!
• Think your guild has what it takes to be the best in PvP? Prepare yourself as you fight with your guild for ownership of guild castles and daily treasures!


• Participate in our A Journey Together: Share Event to win big prizes for the entire server!
• Our Crazy Uproar!! livestream has been postponed! Please read here for more information.
Did you know?
-- The use of grf edits such as "grayworld" is prohibited
-- We do not recruit players to be GMs