Ragnarok Transcendence Extra Life Prizes!

RT Extra Life
Ragnarok Transcendence Prizes for Extra Life 2019!

Swooping in right at the end of the year is some exciting news - if you donated to WarpPortal's ExtraLife campaign this year and received prizes on Ragnarok Online, you get prizes on Ragnarok Transcendence too!


A few adjustments apply to receiving ExtraLife prizes on Ragnarok Transcendence:

 • Only hat prizes will be awarded on Ragnarok Transcendence

 • You must have registered for Ragnarok Transcendence using the same email you used to receive your Ragnarok Online Renewal prizes

 • Prizes will be after the closed beta period so they will not be wiped.




WarpPortal's ExtraLife page is still accepting donations until December 31, 11:59PM PST! You still have a chance to donate to get prizes on BOTH Ragnarok games! For information on the ExtraLife prizes, please visit our news post Warpportal does Extra Life 2019.


Click here to donate to WarpPortal ExtraLife!