Orc's Memory Memorial Dungeon

Orc's Memory MD

Orc's Memory Memorial Dungeon


Level up with this exciting new instance in Orc Village! Available to all adventurers Base Level 60 and up, this memorial dungeon features a monster transformation, an enchantable new item, and more!

Calm Scientist

Requirements: Base Level 60+
Starting Location: Calm Scientist NPC in Orc Village (Geffen Field 10: 233, 202)
Cooldown: 4AM Server time
Rewards: Ring of Fallen

Start by finding the Calm Scientist NPC in the Orc Village. She'll tell you that her research partner is missing in action and needs your help investigating a dangerous habitat to look for him. After agreeing, click through her dialogue and select Create Orc's Memory 1F Entrance to set up your entrance, and then Enter the Dungeon.

Open Instance

Upon entering the dungeon, you'll find her missing research partner immediately - an Orc named Gulok. Your character will also transform into the form of an Orc. Follow the path of the dungeon to defeat hordes of Polluted Orc Zombies, Skeletons, and more!

Boxes and Rings

When you reach the end of the Dungeon, you'll find rows of boxes that are only able to be opened by adventurers Base Level 60-99 and contain Salty Rice Cakes. You'll meet Gulok again and he'll give you a Ring of Fallen for your troubles and escort you out of the dungeon. You'll be able to repeat the instance again after 4AM Server Time.

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Enchanting Ring of Fallen


Ring of Fallen
Ring Of Fallen
Ring of Fallen

You can hear some mumbling in a low voice. Rumors have been circling that darkness seeps through the heart if you keep listening to the mumbling.
Class: Accessory
Position: Right Accessory
Weight: 1
Requires Level: 10
Usable By: All Jobs
Max HP + 200


After receiving the Ring of Fallen from Gulok, you can talk to the Suspicious Man near the Calm Scientist to enchant it.


You can enchant the Ring of Fallen 2 times, meaning 2 seals can be opened.
Each time you enchant the Ring, it costs 20 Orc's Fang and 100,000 Zeny. There will be a small chance of failure for each enchantment. You also have the option to reset the Ring's enchantments for the same price, and try again with different combinations.

There are 3 categories of enchantments for the Ring of Fallen: Physical, Magical, and Ranged. Below are the various enchantments you have the possibility to unlock if you choose them for the 1st or 2nd Enchant.

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Seal 1Seal 2
Str +1 Fighting Spirit 3
Atk +12, Hit +4
Str +2 Fighting Spirit 4
Atk +15, +5
Str +3 Fighting Spirit 5
Atk +18, Hit +5
Str +4 Sharp 1
Crit +6, Hit +2
Str +5 Sharp 2
Crit +9, Hit +3
Agi +1 Sharp 3
Crit +12, Hit +4
Agi +2 Atk +1%
Agi +3 Atk +2%
Agi +4< Aspd +1
Agi +5  
Vit +1  
Vit +2  
Vit +3  
Vit +4  
Vit +5  
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Seal 1Seal 2
Int +1 Spell 3
Matk +12, reduces Variable Cast Time of skills by 8%
Int +2 Spell 4
Matk +15, reduces Variable Cast Time of skills by 10%
Int +3 Spell 5
MATK +18, reduces Variable Cast Time of skills by 10%
Int +4 Max SP + 1%
Int +5 Archbishop Lv1
Increases the recovery rate of recovery skills by 3%.
Dex +1 Heal Lv3
Increases the recovery rate of recovery skills by 6%.
Increases the SP cost of skills by 5%.
Dex +2 MATK + 1%
Dex +3 MATK 1
Matk + 1%
Reduces the fixed casting time of skills by 1%
Dex +4<  
Dex +5  
Vit +1  
Vit +2  
Vit +3  
Vit +4  
Vit +5  
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Seal 1Seal 2
Agi +1 Crit Damage +3%
Agi +2 Fatal 1
Crit Damage +4%, Crit +1
Agi +3 Fatal 2
Crit Damage +6%, Crit +2
Agi +4 Sharp 1
Crit +6, Hit +2
Agi +5 Sharp 2
Crit +9, Hit +3
Dex +1 Sharp 3
Crit +12, Hit +4
Dex +2 Expert Archer 1
Ranged Damage +2%
Dex +3 Aspd +1
Dex +4<  
Dex +5  
Luk +1  
Luk +2  
Luk +3  
Luk +4  
Luk +5  
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