Beta Patch Notes - 12/20/2019



iRO Transcendence Closed Beta Update


December 20th, 5:30PM PDT


If you still need a beta key, one can be obtained here:



Please note that these notes will evolve throughout the day as we review bug reports!


 • Added items to System Tester Alchemist NPC used for Alchemist job-change quest

 • Added items to System Tester Alchemist NPC used for Alchemist's Bioethics skill-quest

 • Added Battle Manual X3 and Job Battle Manuals to System Tester NPC

 • Increased the rate at which weapons drops from mobs to .25% minimum

 • Reduced the Job Exp required for leveling by 10%

 • Fixed an issue with the Alchemist job-change quest with a missing Koring NPC (alde_alche 38 181)

 • Added Level-Up/Job Change NPC (prontera 124 69)

        • We've been holding off on doing this, as we wanted players to experience the early-game as we fixed it. However, we're coming up on a weekend and Christmas break, so we will be focusing on currently submitted bug reports next week.



Future Plans

  • Second and Third Tiers of item-options will be added for monsters level 21-40 and 41+

 • Going to be heavily working on the big list of reports on December 23rd



Bug Report Station

Find a bug in the system? Please post it here:

Any monsters reported as having bugged EXP values will be reviewed!

  • Thief Bug is being reviewed




  • WarpPortal does Extra Life!