Beginner Mode Old Glast Heim

Beginner Mode OGH

Beginner Mode Old Glast Heim

Come, young adventurers, and experience a memorial dungeon designed just for you!
You will face many of these as you level up, so cut your teeth on this one first and gain some much-needed experience!

Event Details
Unique Clown

Requirements: Base Level 65+, Party
Starting Point: Unique Clown NPC in Glast Heim (196, 235)
Cooldown: One week (resets Thursdays)

Speak to the Unique Clown near the Glast Heim bridge. He'll tell you he's a part of a team of researchers studying time and alternate dimensions. Whether or not you believe him, he's got a job for you!


Party up alone or with your friends to enter the Old Glast Heim Memorial Dungeon. Click Generate Time Gap the first time to speak to the Clown, then Enter Old Glast Heim the second time.


The Unique Clown will send you back in time to Old Glast Heim... in the form of a Peco Peco! You'll find yourself in a castle. Proceed forth and you'll see Varmundt - speak to him to learn about how Himelmez is attempting to raid the castle and steal shards of Ymir's Heart hidden within.


Along the way, you will also meet up with Heinrich. It's a little difficult for them to understand why you're a Peco Peco, but they nevertheless accept your help. You are tasked with defeating the monsters in your path and finding any lost survivors.

Altar Boy

There are two survivors total that you need to find. The first one will be located in the west wing of the castle, but for the second you will need to exit to the main hall and go into the east wing when prompted to find her hiding in a corner. Look carefully, or you may just miss them!

After you find them, you'll need to meet up with Varmundt and Heinrich again near the top of the map. Follow the story to its exciting conclusion from there!


After you complete the instance, Hugin will be there to pull you out or warp you to a hidden room in the castle where you can unlock a few hidden treasures. Choosing the first option sends you to the treasure room, while the second option lets you exit the dungeon.


The treasures can be found by clicking on the Strange Cracks within the statues.

To return and exit the instance, you'll have to walk back to Hugin again and select his second option. You'll remain a Peco Peco for a little while longer after you leave, so enjoy it!