Beta Patch Notes - 12/23



iROTranscendence Closed Beta Update


December 23rd, 3:30PM PDT

If you still need a beta key, one can be obtained here:



Please note that these notes will evolve throughout the day as we review bug reports!

• Added Second and Third Tier of item options to higher level weapons

• Added item options to Katars

• Added Offline Vending Items to System Tester NPC

• Added Refine User Interface to NPCs

• Adjusted dates for Daily Login System to allow rewards to be retrieved

• Adjusted loyalty of Pets and Homunculus to Loyal

• Rebalanced monster skill usage, monster stat values, and monster skill levels

• Removed Crimson Weapons from the drop tables

• Removed bonus to EXP and Drops (Level-Up NPC is still active)

• Removed card drop from Golden Thief Bug and and Tao Gunka

• Item giver items such as OCA/MCA/OBB will open into themselves starting today. This is to give us time to rework them.


Future Plans

• Going to be heavily working on the big list of reports


Bug Report Station

Find a bug in the system? Please post it here:

Any monsters reported as having bugged EXP values will be reviewed!



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