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September Spend Promotion!
September Spend Promotion
From September 7th 00.00 AM PDT until September 28th 23.59 PM PDT, 2023. Spend your in-game Kafra Points to get a various Rewards listed below:

  • The reward from this event is accumulated
  • 1 Account can only get each tier reward once
  • Reward distribution will be distributed on weekly basis (we will inform in patch note)
  • The reward from this event is accumulated (Example : if a player spend 24.000 Kafra Point, they will get Bronze, Silver and Gold tier rewards)
  • The costume reward (Costume 20th Anniversary Wings and Costume Angel Wings) from this Event are currently not enchantable,will become enchantable in the future.
  • The prizes are distributed via NPC Code the Redeemer, Location Eden 2nd floor 38 162.

  • Spend Tier
    Item Reward
    1500 Kafra Points

    Premium Box 1 Day 4x
    (Account Bound)

    [Event] Miracle Elixir 20x
    (Account Bound)

    Etel Dust 10x

    Blacksmith Blessing 10x

    Happy Balloon 1x
    (Lower Headgear)

    Poring Sunglasses 1x
    (Middle Headgear)
    6000 Kafra Points

    Costume Angel Wings 1x
    (Costume Garment)

    Costume Rune Helm 1x
    (Costume Upper)

    Premium Box 1 Day 7x
    (Account Bound)

    Battle Manual X3 5x

    Etel Dust 20x

    Blacksmith Blessing 20x

    Holgren Shadow Hammer 20x

    Community Created Headgears 1x
    (Box Account Bound)
    24000 Kafra Points

    Costume 20th Anniversary Wings 1x
    (Costume Garment)

    Premium Box 1 Day 20x

    Battle Manual X3 30x

    Etel Dust 70x

    Blacksmith Blessing 70x

    Holgren Shadow Hammer 70x

    Safe to 9 Weapon Certificate 2x

    Safe to 9 Armor Certificate 2x

    Shadow Smelting Hammer 2x