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Ragnarok's BIGGEST Creative Contest is back for 2024!

Get ready for...

When: June 04 - June 30 (11:59 PM PDT)

Where: Warp Portal Forum

Who: iRO Players (that's you!)

Share your talents with the Ragnarok Community with a fanart masterpiece of your choice!

Whether you're an astonishing artist, a regal writer, or a marvelous musician, there's a place AND a prize for you in this competition!


We're looking for all kinds of talent for this contest!

Your challenge is to create Ragnarok Online fan art that falls into any of the following categories:

Includes: Traditional and digital illustrations, pixel art, 3D rendered computer-generated art, Sculptures, toys, figures, cooking, baking, sewing, cosplay, glasswork, metalsmithing

Includes: Fanimations, personal filmed footage, footage of RO gameplay, music videos, RO BGM covers, original song compositions, fan songs (RO-related lyrics sung over existing melodies), RO BGM remixes

Includes: Short stories (must be between 100 and 2000 words, no less and no more), poetry


Entries will be judged based on skill, concept, uniqueness, and general execution by a panel of judges from the WarpPortal Staff.

Contest ends at 11:59PM PDT on Sunday, June 30 and 3 winners from each category will be announced the following week.


To submit your entry, please visit this link and drop a comment on the thread and fill out the following form:
Entry Title:
Category: (Visual Art & Crafting/Video & Music/Writing)
RO Character Name: (Your participation AND winner prizes will go here!)
Server: (Chaos/Thor/Freya)


Please review before submitting!

Neglecting rules may result in a disqualified entry!

  1. Only one entry per user per category!Please do not submit multiple entries unless they are in separate categories. Alt account entries will be disqualified. Users who submit entries to multiple categories can only win the grand prize once.
  2. Make sure YOU made it!All entries must be made by the submitter specifically for the purposes of this contest. Work previously submitted to any other contest (RO or not) will not be accepted. Commissioned works will not be accepted.
  3. All entries MUST be NEWLY CREATEDand not recycled or reusing old content. Reusing old content is not allowed and will result in disqualification.
  4. All entries for Ragnarok Got Talent 2024 MUST include the overlay logo on the image or video. You can download the logo on this link.


  1. All entries must be rated PG-13. Excessive violence, strong language, or NSFW content, as well as references to any such content, will not be permitted.
  2. Must be iRO related! Content of all entries must be related to international Ragnarok Online and its contents.
  3. Follow the forum rules. Please follow the rest of the general forum rules when participating in this contest - no inappropriate content, no bullying, flamebaiting, abuse, etc. Any entries containing these unsavory elements will be immediately disqualified.
  4. Make sure your work is able to be seen/heard. All entries must be able to be accessed publicly to be considered for the contest. For example, images must be hosted on a reliable source and put into the entry, music and video entries must be hosted publicly on YouTube or SoundCloud, etc. 
  5. Entries that contain inappropriate material that (a) promotes political, religious, racial, or gender discrimination; (b) is libelous, obscene, defamatory, or considered controversial. Contain material that damages the reputation of the Ragnarok Online game product and/or the organizer (including its associated companies and their products). Contain material that (a) does not belong to the Ragnarok Online game product (b) violates relevant laws and regulations; (c) is against local practices, customs, and morality will be disqualified and deleted once confirmed.
  6. Category-specific rules:
    • Visual art rules. Illustration entries containing largely plagiarized work, clipart, or photos lifted from other sources will be disqualified. Additionally, drawings submitted for other contests prior to this one will not be eligible for entry. Illustration entries may be of any size, shape, or format.
    • Crafting rules. Please photograph your craft creation in good lighting and upload the photos to a reliable source (we like imgur!). Process photos are not required, but definitely encouraged.
    • Video usage. Video entries may contain videos from Ragnarok Online game and anime and personal filmed footage. Entries containing excessive footage taken from other sources (movies, TV shows, other games) will be disqualified. Videos containing audio from other sources are allowed. Video must be uploaded on Youtube.
    • Music rules. Music entries must be able to be heard in an accessible format, such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo, etc. 
    • Writing rules. Writing entries are to be submitted in your forum entry comment underneath a Spoiler tag. Plagiarism from previously submitted works, works from other writers, or other works not of your own doing will be disqualified.
  7. No reserving spots. "Reserve" posts will be removed by VMods and staff. Please do not reserve posts, just post when you are ready.
  8. Expectation of effort. A certain level of effort is expected of these entries. Any entry that is deemed to be of low effort or done solely to gain a prize will be removed, and the submitter will be notified of this and given the chance to try again. Excessive instances of this will be considered spam and the submitter will not be allowed to submit again.
  9. AI-Generated images, video, and music are ineligible for the Contest

Disqualified Entries

Any entry that violates the above rules or the general forum rules will be disqualified and hidden from view by WarpPortal staff and VMods. Grounds for disqualification are left solely to the judgement of WP Staff. If your entry is disqualified, you will receive a PM regarding the issue and will be given one more chance to resubmit a qualifying entry to the contest prior to the soft deadline of June 17th. Entries submitted after June 30th that are disqualified will not receive a second chance. Failure to submit a qualifying entry a second time will result in final disqualification from the contest and you won't be able to submit any more entries.
Once again, please make sure your entry fits the rules carefully to avoid this scenario!


Grand Prizes will be awarded to the 3 winners of each category.
Each qualifying entry will receive a participation prize.
Prizes can only be received on Chaos, Thor, and Freya servers.


All Grand Prize Winners will receive:

  • 60x [1 Day] Premium Subscription Box
  • 1x Safe to 10 Armor Certificate
  • 1x Safe to 10 Weapon Certificate

All participants will receive:

  • Visual Art & Crafting
    • 1x Costume Artist Butterfly Wings
    • 10x [1 Day] Premium Subscription Box
  • Video & Music
    • 1x Costume Artist Butterfly Wings
    • 10x [1 Day] Premium Subscription Box
  • Writing
    • 1x Costume Artist Sunglasses
    • 1x Costume Artist Baseball Cap
    • 10x [1 Day] Premium Subscription Box

A Note On Prizes

  • Grand Prize winners will receive all of their prizes on a single account, so please choose carefully when you list your character in your entry.
  • All costumes given to participants will be named and placed on the character you indicated in your entry. You are free to change your mind about which character to place it on during the contest, but after the contest, such changes will not be honored.
  • Only one Participation Prize per person no matter how many different entries are submitted! Please no requests for multiple participation prizes for one person across multiple servers, please   :ok: And no doubling up by creating alt accounts, that'll get you disqualified real quick.
  • Though the prizes listed are unique to this contest for now, it is not intended to be permanently exclusive to this event, and may be used, sold, or offered once again by WP in the future should the need or desire arise.   :no1:


Good luck everyone!

Looking forward to seeing and hearing everybody's creations!