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Halloween Event: Get bonus VIP when you convert WPE-->KP!
Bonus point promo!

Bewitched Bonus VIP time when you convert your Warp Portal Energy!

During the month of October there are tons of exiting events and promotions going on, celebrating the creatures that inhabit Rune Midgards. Prankish spirits have cast a strange spell over our Warpportal page during our Monster's Month in Midgard!

From Tuesday 10/22 until Monday 11/4, when you convert at least 500 WPE into Kafra points, you will get 7 days of VIP time added to that account!

Only one VIP bonus per account, the VIP time is added on the following Tuesdays and Fridays after the conversion is made. In addition, our Jump Event is going on, with EXP required to level to level 99 (Renewal) and level 75 (Classic) cut in half!

On RO1, VIP can be used for many things, including:
  • Creating more characters per account
  • more XP and drops, which pair nicely with our new Champion Monsters and new monster cards!
  • double the amount of kafra storage
  • less death penalty exp loss
  • access to special VIP only dungeons and services
The betwitchment only lasts until the 4th so convert today! Don't forget that your first point conversion of October is boosted to 20% too!