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Free VIP

Free VIP Weekend is Here!
Sept 13-17

For a limited time only, we are offering 4 days of our Ragnarok Online VIP Package free for all Ragnarok players! Our VIP package is an excellent way to gain incredible boosts to your EXP, discounts on various goods and services, and so much more - and you get to try it out for 4 days FREE!

Increased VIP Rates
September 12-October 17

In addition to our free VIP promotion, we're throwing in an extra bonus - for a limited time, VIP users will enjoy even more increased VIP rates! From 9/12-10/17, EXP/Drops for VIP members will be +50%, resulting in a total EXP/Drops bonus of 100%! What are you waiting for? Learn how to claim your free VIP below!

Obtaining Free VIP

Receiving your four free days of VIP is simple!
To begin, log into your WarpPortal account and go to the "Power Up" page located under "Account Management"

When the free VIP is ready to go, you should see a 4 Day VIP for 0 WP option in the purchase window. Select that one!
Please note: This option will only be available during the allotted time, September 13-17! VIP status becomes active immediately after purchase, regardless of the date that purchase has been made. Limit only one Free VIP gift per Ragnarok Online account.

"Purchase" the Free VIP for 0 points! Your VIP status will be active for 4 days after you complete the purchase.

Thanks to all our wonderful adventurers for your continued support!
Enjoy your Free VIP Weekend!