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24 hour downtime scheduled for next week

Greetings, everyone. We've been planning on a major hardware move for our IDC (Internet Data Center). We are consolidating our server into a single location, something we've wanted to do for a long time. What this means for you is that for approximately 24 hours next week the forums, websites and games will be down.

The exact date will be announced later tonight, but we thank you in advance for your patience while we get out the handcarts and work gloves to get things done.

RWC Groove Pack 2 Sneaks in!
On October 1st a New Groove Pack snuck its way into the Kafra Shop, sure to help you upgrade your equipment and help you level we hope you will enjoy it!

Available until 10/18/2011

The RWC Groove Pack 2 offers up some upgrading finesse and level help!

Please visit the Kafra Special Sales associate in the Eden Group upstairs to claim your own RWC Groove Pack 2!

Every RWC Groove Pack 2 will automatically give you:

  • 1x Safe to 7 Chance Box
You also will receive 1 of the below random items.
1x Drooping Alicel Doll A Drooping Alicel Doll
Increase damage to demi-human and Demon monsters by 10%.
Created by Allysia
If refined to +7 or greater has a low chance to increase Aspd by 100% for 7 seconds.
Class : Headgear
Defense : 6
Head Position : Upper
Weight : 50
Required Level : 70
Jobs : All except Novice
50x Valor Badges

Trade in the Valor badges in the Battle Ground to get PVP effective gear!

4x Delicious Shaved Ice

The ever Elusive Whisper monster is highly attracted to this Tamer!

1x Battle Manual X3

A 30 minute Battle Manual that multiplies the EXP earned by 3 times its normal value! Is Tradable.

1x Safe to 7 Headgear Certificate

Mighty Hammer can take the certificate inside, 1 Elunium for Gear or 1 Oridecon for Weapon and an Armor, Headgear or Weapon and upgrade safely! Failure means the item stays at its current upgrade level. This certificate is Tradable.

Welcome Merry Badger!

The Eden Group is proud to welcome Merry Badger to the Eden Group!

Merry Badger is given the job of taking Eden Merit badges from adventurers and rewarding them with items! Merry's List will keep Growing and possibly even accept things from adventurers to Earn Eden Merit Badges!

On the first floor on the Right side of the room, you can find her relaxing, waiting for to assist you!

1 Merit Badge10xKVM Badge
1 Merit Badge 10x Bravery Medals
1 Merit Badge 10x Valor Medals
2 Merit Badge 5x Medium Life Potion
2 Merit Badge 5xLife Insurance
2 Merit Badge 5xToken Of Siegfried
3 Merit Badge 1xJob Battle Manual
4 Merit Badge 1xReset Stone

RO Violet Week 2 Rank Winners!

We have our first 40 winners of the Leaf Cat Pet from our Rank event in Ragnarok Violet! Next week, August 30, different winners will be chosen for those individual categories.

If you are the owner of Violet ID listed below please follow the Submission Instructions on how to verify with us so we can award you!

Week 2 Winners
Max Combo:
  • takezom
  • ayatokun939
  • elo262
  • OadKun
  • siberian
Max Multi Kill:
  • Braska
  • BananaRama
  • Lovebane
  • jccabia
  • roboy23
Total Monster Kill:
  • Addiobahn
  • ayatokun939
  • nikosmarkos
  • 17793614
  • gracchus
Max Damage:
  • Vendetta
  • dizheng
  • chubs2nv
  • nikosmarkos
  • Morria21
Week 1 Winners
Max Combo:
  • blivix
  • Over9000
  • jccabia
  • migux22
  • Kensei
Max Multi Kill:
  • hari93
  • nikosmarkos
  • rayguiller
  • Zodicandy
  • Over9000
Total Monster Kill:
  • jccabia
  • coldpulse
  • nemesis412
  • Zodicandy
  • adithbud
Max Damage:
  • ichizen
  • coldpulse
  • PowerPoint
  • nemesis412
  • adithbud

More Free Kafra Points through September 6th!

Beginning August 25 at 5pm through September 6th 5pm the Kafra girls will be giving more Bonus Kafra Points when you transfer WP Energy into Kafra points! To qualify just transfer more WP Energy at a time to get more Kafra points! These bonus Kafra points can be spent to purchase any of your favorite items like:

  • Mounts
  • Summer Lucky Crates
  • HE Battle Manuals
  • And any of our other popular Kafra shop items!
Conversion AmountNormal BonusEvent Bonus!!

If you had your eye on something special in the Kafra shop this is a great time get bonus points and get it cheaper than ever!

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