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Convert WPE to Item Mall points and get a 5% bonus~!

There's nothing quite like getting a little bit extra.

Beginning this month, WarpPortal Energy-->Gravity game item mall point conversions will receive a 5% bonus to their first transfer that month. The limit to the bonus is once per month per game account, so you still qualify if you transfer WP Energy to other game accounts bound to your main WarpPortal account.

The bonus is calculated from just the points that you choose to convert over to the games item mall, and is calculated before the normal bonus points you would receive for converting over 1000 WPE at a time.

Thanksgiving week sales and events!
Thanksgiving week is upon us and we have lots of sales and new updates for you and your friends to enjoy! You should definitely check out the update page for the new permanent changes to the game that took place this week in the opening of our "Season of updates".
  • Through November 29th we will have Double EXP!
  • Thankgiving wouldn't be complete without the "Chefs of Iron" giving you a challenge until December 6th
  • System update! such as New Costume Headgears, MVP Gravestones and the Vendor Search system!
This week also has the best Christmas Shopping days of the year known as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so in that spirit we are offering sales of special items until the 29th!
Have a great week!

Angel Poring Launched!

Sakray Testing open!
Today we are opening Sakray for testing of our next batch of updates!

Today, November 4th, we have 13.3 loaded along with the Costume Tab, MVP Gravestones and the Search Catalogue.

Our next update to Sakray will bring the Skill balance update and the 14.1 monsters and items.

And the final update in this batch is intended to be 14.1 NPCs and quests.

To participate in the Sakray testing please use the download link below to get the 13.3 Sakray client, the rest will patch up from there.

Currently VIP is disabled on Sakray to facilitate cleaner testing.

Download the Sakray 13.3 Client Players will need to have or register an iRO account and download the sakray client from this link.

Last Chance to get these items!

During November 1st Maintenance several events and items are being discontinued.

  • Ability to purchase the RWC Memorial equipments will end; Immuned Shield, Cat Beret and the Red Pom Band.
  • Your chance to upgrade a Morroc Minion Doll to +9 to receive free Holy and Evil Marcher Hats.
  • Finally your chance to buy 10 Halloween Spooky Packs to earn a Free Spooky Pack ends as well.

Don't Miss out, and we hope you have a fantastic Halloween tonight!

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