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Maintenance updates Notes
Due to the extended forum downtime while it is upgraded, here are the patch notes for Tuesday March 6th.

Reminder: Sunday morning is the end of Daylight Savings time. at 1:50am we will kick every player out and do a server restart to be sure the clocks sync up so we don't have data corruption. The process will take about 20 minutes.

Remember clocks that observe Daylight Savings time will go:
1:59am -> 3:00am Sunday March 11. So please change accordingly.

  • Boxter left
  • Homunculus Resetter left
  • All homunculus created after we implemented the Resetter have had their loyalty set to Loyal!
  • Moscovia 1 time quests have had their rewards boosted up.
  • Homunculus S Ground target skills are re-enabled, this new build didn't have any reported bugs on Sakray, so please let us know if quirky behavior is noticed.
  • Clothing Dye coupons discontinue sale.
  • Omni-Clothing Dye coupon sold for 150 points!
  • New clothing dye color for all classes!
  • Old Clothing dye coupon exchanger implemented, trade 2 for 1 of the new ones.
  • Gramps has new quests for you in the Eden Group!
    • 70-95 Lighthalzen Field
      Stem Worm
    • 105-120 Dicastes Field
    • 125-140 Abyss Lake
      Gold Acidus
      Blue Acidus
  • Ymir and Yggdrasil have a new WoE 1 time added for Saturday
    ADDED* Ymir : Saturday WoE 1 4-6pm
    Ymir : Saturday WoE 2 7-9pm
    Ymir : Wednesday WoE 1 3-5pm
    Yggdrasil : Saturday WoE 1 2-4pm
    Yggdrasil : Saturday WoE 2 5-7pm
    ADDED* Yggdrasil : Wednesday WoE 1 3-5pm
    Valkyrie : Saturday WoE 1 3-5pm
    Valkyrie : Tuesday WoE 2 4-6pm

We will be testing out a Proof of concept on Sakray tomorrow with the Summoner, we hope you can give some feedback on that!.

VIP for your patience!
We would like to thank our Ragnarok Community for their patience and support this past month while we worked on fixing various login problems. We are making progress and should soon have the problem eliminated. But that isn't what this News notice is all about.

We have given every RO account that was active in the past 10 days, 2 Days of Free VIP. You should have VIP from now Through Sunday March 4th until around 11am. So try it out!

Additionally to our VIP players who were inconvenienced by the Login problems we have given an additional 3 days VIP, for a total of 5 more.

We look forward to Marching through this month with you!

Brief maintenance planned 1:30pm PST March 1st
A short maintenance is planned for Thursday march 1st at 1:30pm.

  • We will be updating the Homunculus Resetter to do the free Homunculus evolution for those on the lists.
  • Removing the special event sellers.
  • Stopping the February Bonus VIP event

Thank you,

Updates to Mary Badger and Summoner coming up!

As time progresses there is need to update old NPCs to better service the community and expand gameplay in meaningful ways. With this intention in mind we are notifying the community that Mary Badger in the Eden Group will discontinue taking the MVP Etc items that drop and exchanging them to Eden Merit Badgers.

Related, the Summoner of MVPs in Geffen Tower will discontinue his services on February 28th, as will the update of Mary Badger.

We are intending on updating both these NPCs with different trade rates, and in the case of the Summoner, we will update his processes to inspire more fun group play when you summon.

This may seem ubrupt to discontinue the Summoner even for a week or 2, but it is needful due to we cannot update him while he is still active as it is more disruptive to the community to have him changing every week rather than leave, fix and return better than ever.

So please exchange your MVP etc items with Mary Badger before the 28th to get your best Eden Merit Badge Ratio.

Thank you,

WoE is back to normal with updated dates!
The season of Event WoEs is over and we return back to normal WoEs now. We are taking this opportunity to make some changes to WoE to better optimize the server hardware and to make sure the competition level stays high during WoE times. With competition and future WoE updates in mind we are splitting WoE on all servers.

The day of the week and time remains the same but which castles become available during that WoE window is being updated:

Ymir: updated
  • Wednesday 3pm PST : WoE 1
  • Saturday 7pm PST : WoE 2

Yggdrasil: updated
  • Wednesday 3pm PST : WoE 1
  • Saturday 5pm PST : WoE 2

  • Tuesday 4pm PST : WoE 2
  • Saturday 3pm PST : WoE 1

Also the WoE 2 Guardian stones have increased HP to make defending them more feasible. Later this year big changes to the entire WoE and WoE dungeon systems will come, so please look forward to that!
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