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May Madness Events!

We have so many events running they need their own post just to list what's going on right now!

The largest one is our long awaited Port Malaya Expansion. This sizeable update introduces new monsters, new maps and new repeatable instance dungeons. Ranging from overgrown abandoned forts to haunted hospital wings there is no shortage of danger and excitement.

Want to learn more? Click here!

Double EXP lasts until May 22nd, and applies to exp from all monsters killed!

The May Groove Pack is in, containing some cool headgears! Right now, you will receive a safe to +10 certificate for every 10 Groove Packs you purchase so if you are looking to do some upgrading check it out here!

Speaking of upgrading, Enriched hammer and Eat Gear can be found upstairs in the Eden Group. Eat Gear will gobble up unneeded upgraded gear in exchange for certs, while Enriched Hammer will take enriched elu/ori to make an high level upgrades at a higher success chance, if the attempt is not successful the item will lose a upgrade level but will not break!

Running until May 29th is a promotion where we offer additional VIP plans. These include bonus kafra points, so if you are looking to enjoy the benefits of being a VIP (more warps, more exp, access to unique dungeons and quests) check them out!

Thank you for playing with us during the month of May, and happy adventuring!

Earn a Free Safe to 10 Certificate!
Many "May you Groove On Pack" have been gobbled up by eager adventurers, but there are a few that want a bit more to spice up their game before visiting the Kafra shop.

Well here is your special to make it that much sweeter! For every 10 "May you Groove On Pack" purchased will earn the account 1x Safe to 10 Certificate, which makes it so upgrades from 9 to 10 won't degrade or break on failure!

This special offer is of course retroactive, and will be deposited into Code the Redeemer in the Eden Group every Wednesday Afternoon for the Prior weeks purchases. You may qualify multiple times.

Dates of Deposit:
  • May 16
  • May 23
  • May 30

Stay tuned, more exciting happenings in May coming soon!

Scheduled ISP Maintenance 5/12/2012
Our ISP will be performing maintenance Saturday, May 11th at 2am - 5am PDT (-8 GMT). During this time, the forums and all game server access will be down.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Special Maintenance Times 4/24/2012
This week's maintenance times will be a little different from our usual times, due to several Microsoft security updates we will be applying on our servers. We'll also be taking this time to make adjustments to our own firewall. Dragon Saga is going to have an extended maintenance to allow testing of the latest update.

Maintenance times for this week 4/24 will be as follows:

Ragnarok, ROSE, Requiem : 2pm-6pm PDT* (UTC - 7 hours)
Dragon Saga: 12pm-6pm PDT* (UTC - 7 hours)

*These times are subject to change, extension, and early completion.

Game and Websites unavailable
On Monday March 26, around 10:30am PST all WarpPortal game and websites were unavailable. This was caused by a Router very near our server network being down. This meant that all traffic to and from our WarpPortal network had no way of reaching our players.

The connectivity was partially restored by 12:30pm PST, but the final cause of that routers failure is not yet known and it may cause connectivity problems until a final resolution is reached.

Hopefully, the problem is resolved without further downtime, but if the WarpPortal becomes unavailable again it is likely due to this same issue.
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