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VIP Supercharged for two weeks!

From 8/21 until 8/28 VIP subscribers will get more exp, drops and less death penalty!

VIP rates have been boosted during the last two weeks of the month, boosting EXP and DROPS from +50% to +100% and reducing death penalty to 15%.

Midsummer Pointsplosion Event!

Between Friday July 19, through 7pm Monday July 29 we will be hosting a point bonus event in all your favorite games:

Ragnarok Online
Ragnarok 2
Dragon Saga
WP ConvertedNormal      Point Explosion!
0~999 WP 0% Bonus +10% Bonus
1000~2499 WP+10% Bonus +15% Bonus
2500~4999 WP +15% Bonus +20% Bonus
5000+ WP +20% Bonus +30% Bonus

To get your bonus points all you need to do is login to the WarpPortal, Power-UP, purchase or earn WarpPortal Energy, and then choose your game account from the list and convert Points! Be sure to check out the special sales and events to figure out how to best take advantage of all the free points you can earn!

End of May Payday!
If you happen to be playing on May 30th, 2013 around 3:00AM PDT ( -8 UDT), you were probably disconnected from our game and possibly our website.

We had experienced a slight glitch but we were able to resolve it within 40 minutes. A disconnection without notice and 40 minutes can be a long time to be out of the game. So what does this mean for you?

To apologize for the unexpected downtime we are giving ALL players who have logged in within the last four days 200 WarpPortal energy for free!

It's our way to thanking you (the players) for being so patient!

Want updates on the Anniversary Event or the upcoming 14.2 update? Check out our Official Ragnarok Online Facebook for all the details! In events where the website and game are down, we will use our facebook page to communicate with everyone.

Get more bang for your buck with buffed battlemanuals and bubblegums!

For the next two weeks, battle manuals and bubblegums are boosted by an additional 10 percent!

This will be active from April 9th until the 23rd, and includes all battle manuals and bubble gum items on Renewal and Classic no matter when you bought them!

Warpportal Point Conversion Weekend!

It's Easter time and WarpPortal wishes everyone a happy beginning to the warmer Springtime months! To ring in the occasion, we have a bonus to Item Mall Points gained when converting WarpPortal Energy to one of our in-game currencies. This bonus runs from March 28th 7pm PST until April 2nd 11am PST, so don't miss out!

Normal WP -> Kafra point bonus
  • 0 ~ 999 = 0%
  • 1000 ~ 2499 = 10%
  • 2500 ~ 4999 = 15%
  • 5000+ = 20%
During the Event
  • 0 ~ 999 = 0%
  • 1000 ~ 2499 = 15%
  • 2500 ~ 4999 = 20%
  • 5000+ = 30%
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