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WoE is back to normal with updated dates!
The season of Event WoEs is over and we return back to normal WoEs now. We are taking this opportunity to make some changes to WoE to better optimize the server hardware and to make sure the competition level stays high during WoE times. With competition and future WoE updates in mind we are splitting WoE on all servers.

The day of the week and time remains the same but which castles become available during that WoE window is being updated:

Ymir: updated
  • Wednesday 3pm PST : WoE 1
  • Saturday 7pm PST : WoE 2

Yggdrasil: updated
  • Wednesday 3pm PST : WoE 1
  • Saturday 5pm PST : WoE 2

  • Tuesday 4pm PST : WoE 2
  • Saturday 3pm PST : WoE 1

Also the WoE 2 Guardian stones have increased HP to make defending them more feasible. Later this year big changes to the entire WoE and WoE dungeon systems will come, so please look forward to that!

Last chance for Holiday Hats!
We have some cute animated holiday themed headgears that will be leaving with this next maintenance on January 10, so this will be the last chance to get them before next December!

The Santa poring Hat is a festive Christmas hat wearing jumping poring with the following effect:

Santa Poring Hat

Magic Defense +2.
Adds 3% additional Darkness property damage to monsters and reduces Darkness property attacks enemies by 3%.

Defense: 2
Position: Upper
Slots: one

The Bell Ribbon is perfect for chiming in the new year on the back of ones own head.

Bell Ribbon Hat

VIT +1.
Enables the use of Lvl1 Angelus.
Defense: 3
Position: Upper
Slots: one

The blue Christmas Cheer pom hat will remain an additional week until the 17th.More information can be found here:

Blue Christmas Cheer Hat

Point Transfer Bonus Increase!
For 10 days only, starting December 19th 4:45pm PST through December 29th 5:00pm PST WarpPortal Energy->Gravity game item mall point conversions will be increased on purchases of 2500 or more!

Don't forget we also have the 5% bonus for all first time transfers! So take advantage of all these bonuses and earn more for your WPE Transfer!

Updates and Events for the Holidays!

Just because lots of sweet sweet holiday time off is looming is no reason for us to not have lots of events and updates!

  • Today on December 14th we have launched our Skill Balance update, which is a precursor to our 14.1 Bifrost update!.
  • WoE 2 is cancelled and the castles disabled this week, next week will be Event WoEs.
  • Free Resets available in-game in side the Eden Group Kitchen, so try out new builds!
  • New characters have it easier, getting to level 70 and completing their 1st 50 Job Levels only takes half the effort until December 27th.
  • Christmas Holiday Pack is available until December 27th, so are the Early Wrapped Christmas Gifts!
  • Use an Ultimate Game Card and get a Free Laurel Wreath!
  • Enter into our "12 Days of Christmas Event to win great prizes from the Real World. Entries from earlier days cumulate so more entries over the course of the event 14-25th increases your chances!

Of course the Christmas event hasn't even started yet in-game so we are just getting warmed up!

Happy Holidays!

Sakray open for Skill Balance Testing!
So it was on the 7th day of the 12 month of year 2011, Sakray rose up from its slumber to bring the Skill Balance patch for testing to all the masses.

To Participate you need to have the 13.3 Sakray Client installed into a seperate folder than your normal RO client. Don't install them in the same folder or you will need to reinstall both.

The 13.3 client may be downloaded
Download the Sakray 13.3 Client

Sakray Currently has:
- Skill Balance update
- Kafra Shop button
- And later the actual 14.1 Bifrost contents.

You may have some Kafra points on your account on Sakray, go ahead and spend them if you have them using the Kafra shop GUI. These points are NOT connected to your live account, so you aren't spending real points. They are from a backup of the points from many months ago used for this testing session.
Most NPCs you need are in Prontera, if there are any new NPCs or stuff you can't test due to some limitation please post it in the forum here.

You are not intended to go up to 150 via the leveling NPCs, this is intended as the 14.1 contents do not go that high.

For reporting and checking the skills please read what the current desired effect is in the forum, and post whatever discrepancy there may be.

We hope everything syncs up with the Skill balance notes in the forum, if it does we will be launching the Skill balance patch next Week, with 14.1 following later.
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