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Welcome to our new friends from pRO!

We are happy to welcome a new group of players to the iRO community, who are joining us from the pRO server, which has ceased operation this week. We are migrating the accounts of pRO players who have signed up for an opt-in program to our soon-to-come Thor server.

This new server and the migration will be happening at the end of April, so keep an eye out for announcements when we get closer to server open. Thor will be based on Renewal mechanics with WoE times that are more convenient for players in the Southeast Asian region.

Maintenance notes for 11/19

Both Servers

Thanksgiving Quest 2014: You are asked to help Turpeco, who is competing in a local Turkey-Peco Beauty Contest. He wants to thin out the ranks of the competition. For adventurers level 50 and above, he can be found near the southern Inn in Morroc on Chaos and Loki.

The prize for completing the quest on Renewal is the Indian Feather Headband, on Classic players will be able to choose that or the Vintage Orc Helm as a prize.

To fix a bug where players could destroy the barricade before the guardian stones are down these two areas highlighted in the picture can no longer be attacked through. This will not affect the ability of players to sling spells to and from the platforms.

Classic Changes

Classic Map Spawn Change!-Based on feedback from users in the forum and the custom classic spawn changes found on irowiki's Classic DB and changed the following maps as part of the project we are re-kickstarting.

Special PVP map available at Izlude's north island: No HP/SP restoring consumables or God Items/MVP items allowed!

Renewal Changes

PVP Gatekeeper added to lighthalzen next to the indoor Kafra.

Lighthalzen Bounty Boards unveiled-these offer level-appropriate exp hunting quests just outside the Lighthalzen Department Story.

Change for Gramps Turn In maps: Gambler of Highway plays in TI dungeon instead of title screen Turn in Monsters:
  • Low: Dark Priest/Assuaulter
  • Mid: Aunoe/Vankberk
  • High: Phylla/Ancient Tree

Maintenance notes for 10/29/2014

The last week in October brings a special new quest and a boost to monster exp/drops for everyone!

Both servers

  • VIP exp and drops event extended to November 5
  • Monster Exp and Drops event for everyone extended until the 5th
  • Grandma Boxter NPC in Eden Group second floor updated
  • New Day of the Dead quest!

IMPORTANT! Both servers will need to be restarted early on Sunday morning for the Daylight Savings time change. At 1:45am PDT we need to take down the servers, and will bring them back online shortly 1am PST (just a few minutes later)

Renewal Notes

  • All Bounty Boards will have the "hunt all" option available
  • Enriched Hammer and Eat gear appear for one week
  • The first homunculus intimacy adjustment has happened today, if you registered with the NPC in Lighthalzen your friend will be set to one feeding shy of loyal.

Classic Notes

    Alchemist quality of life improvements. NPCs in payon and the Mail Annex will sell tokens that can be redeemed for brewing materials. There will be NPCs that take those tokens and give the brewing materials. This is to help reduce the issues with weight while brewing large amounts of potions.

Maintenance notes for 8/13
Greetings Rune Midguardians, here are the changelogs for today's maintenance.

The Summer Cooler Lucky Boxes are still available until the 27th.

Testing of the next update the Heroes Trail Part 1 is now underway and will be added to Sakray before the weekend.
1.5x EXP Event Ends on all servers.


Removed Eden Merit Badges coming from Juno Bounty Board
Sam Status in Payon will no longer give a cooldown if he doesn't take any stones
Grim Reaper Hat slot fixed
Laser Eye sprite updated to new color


A 3 second cool down has been added to Dead Branches.
Players under level 20 will have access to a safe version of the Southern Prontera field. Dead Branches, Poring Boxes, Amulets, Hocus Pocus, Polymorph, and Bloody Dead Branches are disabled on this safe version of the map.
Turn Ins:
  • low: Mavka/Gargoyle
  • Mid: Bungisngis/Engkanto
  • High: Tatacho/Antique Book

Maintenance notes for 8/6
Good morning campers, here are the changelogs for today's maintenance.

On both servers we have a new Summer Cooler Lucky Box coming in from August 6th until the 27th.

We are also updating the "Nospam" program built into the game that will block the annoying spam messages from zeny sellers. Please make sure to run Ragnarok as an admin to make sure that your client is properly updated.


-NPC to turn in Abyss Lake kill quests departs, but the monster spawn changes to those maps will remain
-Ice Dungeon Event Begins! Spawn amounts will be increased, and there will be a NPC inside the dungeon entrance to give quests.


Bounty board dialog cleaned up
El Dicastes and Umbala Bounty boards added to their respective towns
White Drooping Eddga hat will no longer be equippable in WoE TE
King Poring Event ends
Item descriptions fixed:

*Green Pettie Egg Aspd -1% -> Aspd +1%
*Updated names of Champion Pinguicula monsters to corrected spelling.
*Monster Transformation Scroll will now properly list their buffs
*Wand of Affection Will Properly Display its weapon Level
*Skull Ring [1] Will properly display it's undead resistance bonus
*Temportal [Stat] Boots will not properly only have one Space between words in the name
*Evil Snake Lord Card will now properly list the status effects it defends against
*Dolomedes Card changed AN -> an
*Heroic backpack description made slightly less confusing... but only slightly
*Peuz Plate properly lists it's set as a peuz set
*Tower Keep Card converted to a suffix
*Empowered Wand of Affection Now properly lists it's chance to cast Silentium
*Vagabond Wolf Hat properly lists its weight
*Vanargand Helm Correctly lists its mdef value

Turn Ins:
  • low: Breeze/Rybio
  • Mid: Aunoe/Fanat
  • High: Banshee/Cenere
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