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Get more bang for your buck with buffed battlemanuals and bubblegums!

For the next two weeks, battle manuals and bubblegums are boosted by an additional 10 percent!

This will be active from April 9th until the 23rd, and includes all battle manuals and bubble gum items on Renewal and Classic no matter when you bought them!

Warpportal Point Conversion Weekend!

It's Easter time and WarpPortal wishes everyone a happy beginning to the warmer Springtime months! To ring in the occasion, we have a bonus to Item Mall Points gained when converting WarpPortal Energy to one of our in-game currencies. This bonus runs from March 28th 7pm PST until April 2nd 11am PST, so don't miss out!

Normal WP -> Kafra point bonus
  • 0 ~ 999 = 0%
  • 1000 ~ 2499 = 10%
  • 2500 ~ 4999 = 15%
  • 5000+ = 20%
During the Event
  • 0 ~ 999 = 0%
  • 1000 ~ 2499 = 15%
  • 2500 ~ 4999 = 20%
  • 5000+ = 30%

Ragnarok: Valkyrie Uprising Coming Soon!

Just a friendly reminder that the mobile game Ragnarok : Valkyrie Uprising is coming soon to your iOS and Droid mobile device! Better yet you Ragnarok players can earn 20 Valkyrie Mercenary scrolls to help you level up!

All you need to do is sign up your Ragnarok Game Account on the Ragnarok Valkyrie webpage before Valkyrie Uprising launches; after the launch return to that page and enter your Valkyrie Uprising game account. And after the next maintenance we will distribute by mail on the Renewal server, your 20 Valkyrie mercenary scrolls!

Ragnarok: Valkyrie Uprising brings the best aspects of Ragnarok to your mobile device! Cute chibi versions of your favorite classes, super fast action game controls and multiplayer! You can party with your friends to take on the challenges that Valkyrie Uprising has to offer!

Remember to sign up soon, the launch is coming later in March, and you need to register before then!

Costume Cake Hat Event this weekend!

Ending next maintenance is a very sweet (pardon the pun) quest about a chocolate crazy gal living in Moscovia! Once you complete the quest she will take a +8 cake hat and turn it into a Costume version of that hat that has a SP +60 bonus!

Check out the iROwiki guide for doing the quest: Valentine's Day Event (Quest 1)

After the maintenance, we will have a special NPC in the Eden group next to Primo D'Buffer that will give a daily drop rate buff to players who completed the quest and are wearing the costume hat! If you completed the quest last year, you will still be able to get the buff, but your characters must have completed the quest in addition to be wearing the hat!

Mid-February events!

Lots going on this month with double monster exp and drops as well as a spotlight and two valentines day quests on both servers!

Double monster EXP and drops and Enriched Hammer upgrade event in until the 26th Battlegrounds testing on Classic
Comodo has a spotlight
Littlest Isis Chinese New Year quest
Valentines day quests on Classic and Renewal
Year of the snake headgear boxes
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