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[R]Ymir server transfer discount!

During the transition period before the merger between Yggdrassil and Ymir happens, there will be a half-off discount on transfers off of Ymir.

[C]New sealed boxes and Test WoE on Classic!

This weekend we are expanding our test WoE program by opening up all castles and opening up guild dungeon access! In addition, new sealed boxes will be introduced!

For Classic: Loki, the sealed box event is being refreshed with all new items that can be obtained by trading the box and a gold or silver key to the Keymaster in the Eden Group!

On all of RO, there is a huge boost in bonus points when you convert your WarpPortal Energy into Kafra points! This lasts only until October 1st, so don't miss out!

VIP+ Promotion
VIP+ Promotion For a limited time, (August 9th-September 3rd) we'll be offering a very special VIP+ package which will include a VIP subsciption along with Points for your favorite title for one low price!

This deal will be limited to once per account during the event period!
  • Ragnarok: Normal VIP = 30 Day for 700WP points
    • “Ragnarok VIP + Point Allowance Package” for 1500WP points
    • Includes: 30 Day VIP + 1500 Kafra Points

Also don't forget you have to purchase these packages with WarpPortal points!
Pick up your today!

Begins: August 9th 7pm
Ends: September 3rd 5pm

Angel Poring available to European Heroes!
Many around the world have already enjoyed the cute puzzle action that Angel Poring brings to their iOS device. But at the time some areas of the world were left without, and that is a shame that is remedied today!

For our European players you can now enjoy Angel Poring too!

And of course for our North American players Angel Poring is still available in the iTunes store for an amazing $0.99!

Classic Maintenance and Renewal VIP Benefit Increase 7/12/2012 5pm PDT
At 5pm Pacific Daylight Time, we will be performing a maintenance on the Classic server. During this time access to the Classic server will not be available.

In addition to the Classic server maintenance, starting at 5pm today through Maintenance next week, VIP member bonuses(Renewal Only) will be increased!

VIP Before: EXP/Drop +50%
VIP Now: EXP/Drop +100% and even less penelty upon death!

Now remember these VIP bonuses will only last until maintenance so make sure to take advantage!
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