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Maintenance notes for 10/6
New October Spooky Pack
New Items!
Kirin Wing
Banshee Master Kiss
Blood Sucker
Costume: Lady Tanee Doll

Halloween Event Arrives-2012's Halloween Quest Returns
Back to School Event Leaves
50x Enriched Boxes leave New Gramps TI:
Low: Bathory/High Orc
Mid: Raydric/Wanderer
HIgh: Miming/Knocker

Full contents will be posted after maintenance starts Wednesday
Halloween Loading Screen Contest!

Thor: WoE Second Edition will begin next Monday, October 12th! That means that the WoE 2 castles will be open and able to be taken by different guilds after maintenance this Wednesday. The castles will have treasures active from the start.

All KVM gear refine bonuses cap at +15. Normal refine bonuses for +atk and +def will still apply
WoE 2 time: Monday 5am-7am PDT (8pm-10pm Philippine time) ===CLASSIC===

2012 Halloween Quest (Geffen Invasion) arrives

Spotlight lasts for one more week, will change to Niflheim/Glast Heim next.

October Lucky Box

Posting list of New/returning after a long period items for community comment

Dark Randgris Helm
Hockey Mask
Spirit Whispers
Eddga Doll[1]
CD In Mouth
Blank Eyes
Chewing Gum (animated, not the explosive variant)

Classic Sakray Update - Thursday
-Created Scripts for Rapid character creation and gearing
-Bringing Sakray DB up to date with Live
-Implementing proposed drops to classic challenge dungeons
-Increasing Damage Output of challenge dungeon monsters
-Making Challenge dungeon MVP Boss Property

Maintenance notes for 4/8
Our weekly maintenance has completed! Thank you for your patience.

Starting this week we have a new VIP subscription plan available! For 200 Warpportal Energy you can get 7 days of VIP time on your RO account! This is perfect for accounts that you're not able to play all through the month!


-Groove Pack Departs
-April Lucky Box Arrives
  • 5x Battle Manual X3
  • 5x Bloody Branch
  • 6x HE Bubble Gum
  • Safe to +7 Chance Box
  • Crown of Deceit
  • Heroic Backpack
  • Mini Glasses[1]
  • Costume Devoted Eyes
  • Costume: Castle Bat
  • Fallen Angel Wing
  • Party Hard Pack
  • Peace Pipe
-Immune Shield updated effects arrive

St. Patrick's Quest extended one more week

Jumping Janeway continues!

New Gramps Turn Ins

  • low Freezer / Elder
  • mid Raydric / Flame Skull
  • high Miming / Cenere
Update We should be getting the data for the Wave Mode Dungeon and Clock Tower Nightmare Dungeon within the week


Based on reports from the community and our own testing, we have submitted reports for the Rune Knight not being able to create the Lux Amima Rune. We're also going to be upgrading the hardware for the server that handles instancing.


We are currently working on the next Classic Q2 Roadmap and determining dates and how the remaining goals set there will get scheduled out.


St. Patrick's Quest extends to April 15th

Groove Pack leaves the Kafra Shop

April Lucky Box arrives

Next part of Cursed Newbie Equipment quest goes in

Bug Fix

Easter Quest NPC missing from Rachel: After checking the scripting instead of Rachel (as indicated on irowiki) go to Hugel (165 110)

As of Monday, new players should no longer be getting speed debuffs when picking up the cursed armor

Maintenance notes for 4/1
Here are the changelogs for this week's maintenance notes:


St. Patrick's Day Quest goes for one more week
Full Green Ale Effects last until April 29th
Groove Pack leaves in one week
Jumping Janeway event returns to Renewal!
Gramps Turn Ins:
Low: Solider / Permeter
Mid:Purple Venatu / Centipede Larva
High:Armeyer Dinze / Petal

Old Card Albums and Magic Card Albums item list updated to drop new cards
Restarting 3rd Class Specific Headgear re-evaluation process with Autumn Hairband[1], looking over feedback and looking to get testing started again soon.
Bug Fixing
Attempting further stability fixes on Geffen Magic Tournament
Established BLOB Trello Bulletin board so you can watch us track iRO's bugs
New Level 175 Update skills will display their proper names
Close confine skill waiting room level limit increased so Rogue type characters above level 150 will be able to pick up the skill
Gajomart TI scripting fixed so the next time we have it in players will get the proper amount of information.


Hoping to get the Newbie Armor quest implemented this week.
If you're on Trello, we have the Classic Foundry Projects page updated with a rough outline of the 1st part of the quest, including where the NPCs will be.
The Sunglasses slotting NPC in Alberta (108 30) will be taking the following headgears and will make a ~70% chance of slotting the item. It will not destroy the item if the attempt fails.
Geek Glasses
Takius Blindfold-was available through previous lucky boxes
Elven Ears

Monster item drop changes
Monster Item Old drop rate New drop rare
Nightmare Infiltrator Very Very Rare --->Very Very Rare (Under .09% chance to drop)
Nightmare Terror Infiltrator Very Very Rare -->Very Very Rare (Under .09% chance to drop)
Bow Guardian Orleans Glove[1] Very Rare -->Very Very Rare (Under .09% chance to drop)
St. Patrick's Quest ends April 9th
Green ales return to normal strength April 29th
We have a new place on trello for the community and production team to track bugs found on Classic and Renewal.
Janeway gives a elemental endow when she warps parties to the Pitman map. The endow has been changed from earth to fire.
Endless tower time limit was erroneously ending an hour earlier than it should. This has been fixed.
Telling Doll should have been changed to be freely trade-able.

Welcome to our new friends from pRO!

We are happy to welcome a new group of players to the iRO community, who are joining us from the pRO server, which has ceased operation this week. We are migrating the accounts of pRO players who have signed up for an opt-in program to our soon-to-come Thor server.

This new server and the migration will be happening at the end of April, so keep an eye out for announcements when we get closer to server open. Thor will be based on Renewal mechanics with WoE times that are more convenient for players in the Southeast Asian region.

Maintenance notes for 11/19

Both Servers

Thanksgiving Quest 2014: You are asked to help Turpeco, who is competing in a local Turkey-Peco Beauty Contest. He wants to thin out the ranks of the competition. For adventurers level 50 and above, he can be found near the southern Inn in Morroc on Chaos and Loki.

The prize for completing the quest on Renewal is the Indian Feather Headband, on Classic players will be able to choose that or the Vintage Orc Helm as a prize.

To fix a bug where players could destroy the barricade before the guardian stones are down these two areas highlighted in the picture can no longer be attacked through. This will not affect the ability of players to sling spells to and from the platforms.

Classic Changes

Classic Map Spawn Change!-Based on feedback from users in the forum and the custom classic spawn changes found on irowiki's Classic DB and changed the following maps as part of the project we are re-kickstarting.

Special PVP map available at Izlude's north island: No HP/SP restoring consumables or God Items/MVP items allowed!

Renewal Changes

PVP Gatekeeper added to lighthalzen next to the indoor Kafra.

Lighthalzen Bounty Boards unveiled-these offer level-appropriate exp hunting quests just outside the Lighthalzen Department Story.

Change for Gramps Turn In maps: Gambler of Highway plays in TI dungeon instead of title screen Turn in Monsters:
  • Low: Dark Priest/Assuaulter
  • Mid: Aunoe/Vankberk
  • High: Phylla/Ancient Tree
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