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Get bonus Energy when you buy WPE with a Credit card!

Running from 11/14-11/20 you can get up to 10% bonus WPE when you use a Credit Card To purchase energy!

Select Credit card as a payment option to see what WPE bonuses you will receive

VIP Subscription with bonus Kafra Points Plan continues!

Every month players can purchase a special subscription plan, one that includes bonus VIP!. This plan was a limited time offer, in the past but proved so popular that we are continuing it for the duration. Ragnarok Online is free to play, but there are many great reasons to subscribe! Also, VIP now works on Classic: Loki server.

Benefits of VIP:
  • Access to unique dungeons
  • Access to special NPCs in the Eden Group
  • Bonus to XP, drop rate, lower death penalty
  • Create characters on Ymir server
  • Increased Kafra storage and more town warps
  • Much much more!

Think of it as buying VIP+800 kafra points, and getting 700 bonus points as a thank you! This offer does not last for very long, so check it out!

RWC 2012 Livestream

Watch along with the whole world with the livestream of the Ragnarok World Championship this weekend. The tournaments kick of today after 4pm PST.

You can watch them here at our link

Safe to +10 Certs have been distributed

If you participated in our bonus Safe to +10 certificate promotion last week, you can pick your items up from code the redeemer (in the second floor of the eden group) right now! He can be found next to the stairs on the second floor of the Renewal eden group. When you receive the certs, you must identify them with a magnifier. Thank you for participating!

[R] Super Server Transfers Available

Though there is a merger between Ymir and Yggdrassil in the future, players who transfer all characters on a server to another server will be able to do so with relaxed transfer restrictions.

With the exceptions of Brisingamen, Mjolnir, Slepnir, Megingjard and cases where it's obvious that the move is being done for destabilizing the destination server's markets players will be able to bring all items and zeny on the characters over. Storage will still not be transferred, the items must be on the characters being transferred over. All characters must be transferred at the same time, if you only have one, two, three, etc. characters on a server it will still count.

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