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Patch Notes - 2/2/2017

Greetings Midgardians, welcome to your weekly maintenance update! Here's what we have rolling out for you this week!

  • Low: Kapha/Freezer
  • Mid: Ferus/Wakwak
  • High: Agav/Dolomedes

  • Lunar New Year Event continues
    • The 2015 Lunar New Year Quest, Lost Lamb, can now be completed to receive one of four different Lunar New Year hats:
    • Quest guide can be found here
  • 50% EXP Event continues until February 9

Prontera, Geffen, Payon. Geffen Tower, Payon Caves, Izlude, Undersea Water Dungeon, Morroc, Pyramid, Ant Hell

We're working on implementing a dialogue skip for the Central Lab Instance. Looking to have it finalized either this week or next week!

  • The next new Headgear quest is Bubble Gum In Mouth. Speak to Frank in Morocc (156, 194). Certificates can be found in the treasure caches. To create this headgear, you'll need the following once you've obtained a certificate:
    • 500 Sticky Mucus
    • 200 Decayed Nail
    • 300 Large Jellopy
    • 25 Red Prickly Fruit
    • 1000 Zeny
    • 1 Bubble Gum In Mouth Certificate
  • The Headgear NPC has been updated to provide more information regarding available headgears and their requirements.
    • Frank now lists all hats that can be made.
    • When you select a hat, Frank will list all the parts needed to make it.
    • Headgear Certs will now be a flat 3% chance in all treasure cache rolls.

Starting today, the Keys that drop from MVPs will now be tradable. However, this will not apply to any Keys received from MVPs before today.

50% bonus EXP event will continue until the 9th.

Maintenance notes for 12/15/16 maintenance
This week's Classic and Renewal maintenances are underway! Here's what's changing this week:

This week Gramps Turn In monsters
Low:Live Peach Tree/Deviruchi
Mid: Anicnent Mummy / Bungisngis
High: Acidus/Bradium Golem
EXP Event starts (Last weeks ends for record keeping reasons this one is for the holidays)

Thanksgiving Event Ends
Christmas Event Pt1 Starts
Ragnarockin' The Holidays with VIP Giveaways continues during live streams and other events this month. So make sure to watch them and attend in game events!

Eat Gear will start accepting +10 and higher gear for the same rewards
Holiday Box Hits the Item Mall. Many past christmas rewards will be returning in this box.
Changing the way Seasonal gear is scripted.

Another new Headgear quest, the Gemini Crown. Speak to Frank in Morocc (156, 194).
Current EXP event ends!
Holiday Exp event begins!
Mid-Tier Treasure Cache enters testing
A number of MVP monsters receive the Bronze key update to their MVP reward table!

Maintenance Notes for 1/14/2016
Here's what's changing this week on Renewal and Classic!

Renewal Maintenance

Leaving this week RWC Boxes leave the Kafra Shop
Winter Costume Box leaves the Kafra shop
Snowstorms are drifting away from Rune Midgards, leaving their towns snow free
VIP bonuses return to normal
Continuing this week Though the spotlight is leaving from Aldebaran and it's dungeons, Nightmare Clock tower will keep half of it's spawn increase permanently
New Gramps TI
  • Low: Injustice/Antique Firelock
  • Mid: Alicel/Zombie Slaughter
  • High: Cenere/Ancient Book
Christmas delivery quest with Daily Quen reward will be staying for a while though we may change the daily rewards in the future
New this week New Year's Groove Pack 150kp
Spotlight change! We will be spotlighting the maps and dungeons of the New World which include Splendide Field, Bifrost Field, Manuk and El Dicastes Field as well as the Kamidal Tunnel/Scaraba Hall

Classic Maintenance

Leaving this week: Current spotlight leaves
The weather department has detected that the snowstorms that have plagued Rune Midgard will be passing this week
New for this week: By popular request Lighthalzen spotlight will arriving this week
Coming next week

God Items Creation Quest for WoE 1 god items will now reset kill quest counts if after 3 hours you have not completed them. The timer will be set for all characters when they receive the kill counts from the dwarf.

Bug Fixing Cursed helm effects disappeared, will be back this week
We weren't able to get 3D Glasses working yet, it appears to be hard coded that it display the chick hat instead of the proper item
First Quarter Projects: Changes to the WoE 1 God Item Creation Quest
Working Version of the PvP Arena that a certain player (I don't remember if he wanted to be named) has been working on.
Stage 1 (Lvls 1-40) of the Janeway Replacement Project.

Maintenance notes for 10/6
New October Spooky Pack
New Items!
Kirin Wing
Banshee Master Kiss
Blood Sucker
Costume: Lady Tanee Doll

Halloween Event Arrives-2012's Halloween Quest Returns
Back to School Event Leaves
50x Enriched Boxes leave New Gramps TI:
Low: Bathory/High Orc
Mid: Raydric/Wanderer
HIgh: Miming/Knocker

Full contents will be posted after maintenance starts Wednesday
Halloween Loading Screen Contest!

Thor: WoE Second Edition will begin next Monday, October 12th! That means that the WoE 2 castles will be open and able to be taken by different guilds after maintenance this Wednesday. The castles will have treasures active from the start.

All KVM gear refine bonuses cap at +15. Normal refine bonuses for +atk and +def will still apply
WoE 2 time: Monday 5am-7am PDT (8pm-10pm Philippine time) ===CLASSIC===

2012 Halloween Quest (Geffen Invasion) arrives

Spotlight lasts for one more week, will change to Niflheim/Glast Heim next.

October Lucky Box

Posting list of New/returning after a long period items for community comment

Dark Randgris Helm
Hockey Mask
Spirit Whispers
Eddga Doll[1]
CD In Mouth
Blank Eyes
Chewing Gum (animated, not the explosive variant)

Classic Sakray Update - Thursday
-Created Scripts for Rapid character creation and gearing
-Bringing Sakray DB up to date with Live
-Implementing proposed drops to classic challenge dungeons
-Increasing Damage Output of challenge dungeon monsters
-Making Challenge dungeon MVP Boss Property

Maintenance notes for 4/8
Our weekly maintenance has completed! Thank you for your patience.

Starting this week we have a new VIP subscription plan available! For 200 Warpportal Energy you can get 7 days of VIP time on your RO account! This is perfect for accounts that you're not able to play all through the month!


-Groove Pack Departs
-April Lucky Box Arrives
  • 5x Battle Manual X3
  • 5x Bloody Branch
  • 6x HE Bubble Gum
  • Safe to +7 Chance Box
  • Crown of Deceit
  • Heroic Backpack
  • Mini Glasses[1]
  • Costume Devoted Eyes
  • Costume: Castle Bat
  • Fallen Angel Wing
  • Party Hard Pack
  • Peace Pipe
-Immune Shield updated effects arrive

St. Patrick's Quest extended one more week

Jumping Janeway continues!

New Gramps Turn Ins

  • low Freezer / Elder
  • mid Raydric / Flame Skull
  • high Miming / Cenere
Update We should be getting the data for the Wave Mode Dungeon and Clock Tower Nightmare Dungeon within the week


Based on reports from the community and our own testing, we have submitted reports for the Rune Knight not being able to create the Lux Amima Rune. We're also going to be upgrading the hardware for the server that handles instancing.


We are currently working on the next Classic Q2 Roadmap and determining dates and how the remaining goals set there will get scheduled out.


St. Patrick's Quest extends to April 15th

Groove Pack leaves the Kafra Shop

April Lucky Box arrives

Next part of Cursed Newbie Equipment quest goes in

Bug Fix

Easter Quest NPC missing from Rachel: After checking the scripting instead of Rachel (as indicated on irowiki) go to Hugel (165 110)

As of Monday, new players should no longer be getting speed debuffs when picking up the cursed armor
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