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Maintenance notes for 7/23


Spotlight of Juno ends and changes to Amatsu
Amatsu dungeon and field monster spawns doubled
Though the spotlight is changing Classic receives a bounty board in Juno town!
Monsters: Goat, Harpy, Sleeper, Grand Peco


Spotlight of Brasilis ends and changes to Amatsu
Eat Gear and Enriched hammer disappear
Brasilis receives a bounty board for testing
Inubashiri-designed class specific headgears will not be equip-able on WoE maps, as they were designed for PVE play.

Turn Ins:
Low: Sleeper/Harpy
Mid: Naga/Cornus
High: Banshee/Cerere

Springtime Point Event

Celebrating, the season of renewal, Spring with all our WarpPortal friends. This celebration will be from March 20th, through 7pm April 1st we will give 5% more game Points when you convert your WarpPortal Energy!

Also all the games may have special events to for an extra wonderful time!

Ultimate Game Card Season of “Swag not Lag” is upon us!

The holiday season is upon us and all your favorite WarpPortal games are participating in the Ultimate game Card’s “Swag not Lag” holiday event!

Whenever you redeem any value of Ultimate Game Card to Power-Up your WarpPortal account you will receive 10% bonus WP, which gives you more WP for converting to Game Points or VIP/Premium! This Special Bonus starts 11/27 and Continues through January 2nd, 2014!

20% Bonus Points for your 1st Conversion!

As an exciting bonus for October we are giving 20% bonus points for your first conversion.

An example of this is normally when you convert 900 WP -> Game points you will get a special 1 time per month bonus of 5% to the points giving you 945; in October we are giving 20% so you would get 1080 game points! This bonus does stack with the normal conversion tiers as well, so if you convert at the highest tier you will get 40% bonus points!

This is a great time to convert big and and get a BIG bonus to get more value out of your WarpPortal Energy!

This promotion has been extended until 11:59pm PST November 4th!!

9/11 Late night RO1 billing maintenance
Maintenance tonight 9/11 from 10-11:55pm PDT (this will not affect treasure spawns)

I know we've been having a lot of unusual maintenances in the last month or so, we do not want the game offline for any longer than necessary, but we have had a series of important upgrades to our hardware and software that will greatly improve the experience of playing on our service that require extra maintenances to be completed.

This maintenance will separate the classic and renewal servers so you will not see both when you are at the server select screen on either client.

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